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Discovering and Embracing Your Inner Healer: A Guide to Self-Healing

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become. - Carl Jung, "Memories, Dreams, Reflections"

Back in 2019, I taught a workshop called "Awaken Your Inner Healer". I sincerely belief in human ability for transformation and feel an urge to share my knowledge of how powerful we are in our healing process.

The power comes from your curiosity and ability of your Inner Healer to ask two key questions. Question one: "What stands behind my symptom/disease/addiction or behavior pattern) and why do I have it?". Question two: "What can I do to shift from this situation?".

Western medicine, especially healthcare system in the US (that I faced after growing up in Europe), and big pharma are known for treating symptoms. And unfortunately, they made most people forget about their right to ask: "What can we do besides masking the symptom?".

Asking those questions can set you on a long and twisted journey to true healing and a chance to change yourself holistically - clearing the imbalances, disease, or behavior pattern in its core. So they never come back in your lifetime or are passed on to future generations.

Why are those questions powerful?

Asking "why?" opens up a sincere dialogue with yourself and allows for a thorough investigation of the cause and effect behind every symptom or behavior pattern. Unfortunately, so many people misinterpret this question and ask it from a victim's perspective: "Who did it to me or who is responsible for my sufferings?"

On the opposite side of the spectrum from the victim is a determined detective. By choosing this role, you collect the clues, untie the knots of your physical and emotional symptoms that are signal systems from your soul and physical body to notify what is wrong in your life.

There are valuable sources of information to understand what happens in your life and the spiritual meaning behind your symptoms. Multiple books are available on the subject to name a few:

  • Your Body Speaks Your Mind: Decoding the Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Messages That Underlie Illness, by Deb Shapiro

  • Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol K. Truman

  • Heal your Body by Louise Hay

  • The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness by Inna Segal

  • Messages from the Body: Their Psychological Meaning by Michael J. Lincoln Ph.D., FKA Narayan-Singh Khalsa

One of my favorite expert and point of reference to help you understand the value your symptoms, reconnect and understand your emotions and learn how to process trauma is Elicia Miller and her Core Emotional Healing Process and program. I found Elicia and her inspiring work back in 2017 while researching the spiritual meaning of Candida and eating disorders as part of my personal healing journey.

I immediately resonated with her signature approach, "Your Symptoms Are a Gift" and the Core Emotional Healing process became the road map to guide me through my healing process. It strengthened my gift of working with plant medicine and plant consciousness through essential oils and flower essences to heal myself and help others heal.

Essential oils used in aromatherapy influence your amygdala and hippocampus (which process emotion) but bypass your brain's higher cortical areas, the "thinking parts," plus essential oils change your nervous system biochemistry. The amygdala plays a significant role in storing and releasing emotional trauma. The most effective way to stimulate this gland is with aromatic compounds found in pure essential oils to awaken and release these memories for healing.

According to researchers in Washington using Tainio Technology, the vibrational frequency of essential oils is the highest of any natural substance known to man. Through the principle of entrainment, the oil's higher frequency will raise the vibratory quality of that individual that uses it.

Flower essences also excel in healing trauma and its effects on the mind and emotions, which causes a disruption in the energy flow and lowers our vibration. A correctly prepared flower essence contains the Qi (or Life Force) of this particular flower. This Qi carries the vibrational signature, the intelligence, and the complete holographic blueprint that has all the qualities of this plant.

As I moved through my healing process, I created new aromatic and flower essence formulas: some to ignite deep healing, some to help me see and understand, some for deep trust, courage, some for strength and support, and some to release, let go and rewire my brain.

Sacred Lotus and Maitri brought me sudden revelations and a deeper connection to my Higher Self and Inner child. I received insights and answers regarding traumatic experiences from my childhood and noticed how they influence me now. To feel and realize for yourself is invaluable, and none of the diagnosis or words of a your therapist can compare with your self-realization.

By taking Costa Rican Carambola essence (now a part of Shadow flower essence), I received a message about "emotional eating" - a term and symptom I wasn't familiar with. By healing unresolved childhood trauma with essences like Immortelle and Manzanita, I overcame years of struggling with fluctuating weight and keeping myself from binge eating by pure willpower, failing again and again.

I created Lion's Heart the next day after a full-day immersion session with Doug and Elicia Miller. I realized that I don't know how to face and interact with the world after the realizations and transformation I received, especially what I have learned about boundaries and emotional enmeshment. The plants inside Lion's Heart and Confidence supported me through the baby steps of understanding my boundaries, seeing and accepting anger as a detector of their violation. They also strengthened my voice to say "NO" when needed.

Higher Self and Dreamwork supported me in the development of intuition, taught me to trust my inner voice and guidance over the world's opinion, to recognize the voice of my heart over the voice of the mind.

Shadow helps me see the truth behind any situation, recognize the patterns and stories behind the triggers, get unstuck when I fall into resistance or my conscious mind is blocking me from moving forward due to unresolved trauma in my unconscious.

And last but not least, the Release aroma formula became my unique tool for resolving and getting rid of stuck emotions and releasing trauma on emotional and physical levels addressing pain and muscle tension.

Now let's take a look at the second power-generating question: "What can I do to shift from this situation?". By asking this question, you declare your involvement, willingness, and responsibility for your healing process. Then you actively engage in the process by committing to the following:

  • Show up for your daily physical and spiritual practice.

  • Connect with your intuition, listen to the signs and messages from your body, and commit to self-care to address them.

  • Practice Maitri: unconditional love, friendliness, and acceptance of yourself.

  • Research and find the healing modalities and practitioners/therapists YOU TRUST that specialize in the issue at hand on the physical, mental, spiritual, and energetical levels—in other words - attack the problem holistically, addressing your body, mind, soul, emotions, and subtle body.

  • Keep an open mind and heart by trying new things, theories, modalities, practitioners.

  • Give mental permission to spend money on yourself and your needs.

  • Following the recommendations and instructions of your chosen therapist. Practice discipline and doing your part of healing "homework."

  • Dropping deadlines and expectations for your healing process and allowing your body and soul to take their time and pace.

The question of "What can I do to shift from this situation?" can also be fully supported with natural plant remedies addressing the rising issues like:

  • Not feeling worthy of spending time and money on yourself with Maitri True Self Aroma, Sacred Lotus, and Confidence.

  • Accepting the rejected parts of yourself without judgment using Maitri or Shadow.

  • Acceptance of the symptom/problem/behavior or emotional response with the help of Shadow.

  • Overcoming shame and anger about past with Maitri, Release, Lion's Heart.

  • Impatience and setting deadlines for healing with Time Tamer and Impatience Bach Flower Remedy.

  • Lack of trust in the world and people with Connection.

  • Discipline to show up and do what needs to be done and support of Confidence and Lion's Heart.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because I care and I want you to get your power back through the two power questions that help address ANYTHING in your life.

The second reason is to give you an idea for healing on a budget and utilizing your own intelligence and resources to get better whenever possible.

And the third reason is to encourage you to do a self-check for co-dependency on healers and therapies for your emotional healing and spiritual growth.

Don't give your power away - you are the best and most potent healer to your Self.


May you get your power back by taking an active part in your healing process

May your meet any imbalance or disease with curiosity

May you feel safe and confident to be yourself

May you have the strength to face the truth

May you have the courage to seek and ask for help

May you have the will to show up and be loyal to your Self

May you always remember that you are loved and supported by Nature



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