The True Self is the line of psycho-aromatherapy products that work on physical, emotional, and psychological levels. They are formulated to be used by self-healing enthusiasts and healthcare practitioners who can integrate aromatherapy into other healing modalities such as chiropractic adjustment, massage, acupressure, energy work, yoga, tai chi, qigong, and psychotherapy.


True Self includes Release, Maitri (Self-Love), Confidence, Happiness, Tranquility and Shadow aromatherapy blends. Every True Self roll-on has a base, that is the same throughout the product line, while each of six formulas is a unique synergy of top quality pure therapeutic grade essential oils, gemstone, or crystals and teaching from a power animal. 


All True Self formulas are unisex. They will create a unique one of a kind scent when mixed with the scent of your body, which is as unique as your fingerprints.

The high-quality frosted glass roller bottles with bamboo tops are convenient to use and make dispensing of the perfume oil easy and less messy. ​They are slick, elegant, and compact to take them with you wherever you go. Roller bottles are easy and stylish solutions to inhale your favorite aroma at home, at work, on vacation, or whenever life is taking you.

The frosted glass bottles with a sprayer top are intended for misting your skin, spray around your body and aura, or create a specific atmosphere in your environment.