A Concept Behind The Name of Maitri Verde

Maitri means love or loving-kindness and unconditional friendliness to oneself. 

 The word "verde" means green in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian representing the main color and healing power of nature.

Practicing Maitri is about making friends with yourself. It means seeing everything inside you and not running away, abandoning or turning your back on yourself. Just as you wouldn't give up on a best friend who's darker side began to show up. The more you catch yourself in attempts to run away, numb or distract yourself from reality, the more aware you become of this behavior pattern that was hidden in your unconscious and running on auto-pilot. 

As the days, months, and years of Maitri practice pass, you find more and more compassion, understanding and tolerance towards others and the world.


American Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron has dedicated her life to teaching about loving-kindness and compassion—which begins with developing Maitri toward oneself.

Intention Behind The Products

Maitri Verde’s products include individual flower essences and blends, herbal and aromatherapy blends for inhalation, topical applications, botanical skincare, room/body/aura sprays. We use 100% pure therapeutical grade essential oils, organic or wild harvested herbs, and pure organic hydrosols, plus gentle and powerful energies of flowers, plants, crystals and planets.

Our focus is to re-establish your miraculous relationship with nature and your inner-self through hand-crafted, all-natural products and healing modalities that bring body, mind and spirit to its ultimate balance. It is in this balance that we find health, joy, and serenity. We encourage you to take your well being into your own hands, by befriending yourself on the deepest level and learning how to understand what your body and soul communicates and needs. 


Maitri Verde's goal is to produce only what is needed, leaving zero waste. 
Each product is handcrafted using only top quality, sustainably grown and ethically crafted ingredients, and is sustainably packaged to provide optimal shelf life. 


Each product is made with intention of harming no-one, while practicing ahimsa or non-violence in thoughts, words and actions with the belief that the world will change with every person who is happier and healthier.

In order to have compassion for others,

we must first have compassion for ourselves.

~ Meagan McCrary