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A Concept Behind The Name of Maitri Verde

Maitri (pronounced as m-uh-y-tree) is a Buddhist concept of unconditional love, compassion, and acceptance of yourself. Maitri means to feel at home in your body, at peace with your mind, in a flow with your emotions, and in constant dialog with your heart and soul. Your own healing and self mastery come first, only then you can focus on fulfilling your life purpose and serving others. 

Our story began as one person's quest for health and finding life purpose. It transformed into a mission to help people heal their past, find their place in a web of life, and live in harmony with nature.

Allow us to help you heal naturally by transforming personal and transgenerational trauma, tackling modern-day stress, balancing emotions, supporting your soul's growth, keeping your energy clean and vibrations high. 


We love nature and admire its endless wisdom, creativity, and healing power. We selected the best natural ingredients to connect you with your emotions, evoke inner wisdom, unleash your full potential, and establish relationships with fellow humans and our planet based on love and respect. 

In order to have compassion for others,

we must first have compassion for ourselves.

~ Meagan McCrary

Intention Behind Our Products

Maitri Verde’s products include individual flower essences and blends, herbal and aromatherapy blends for inhalation, topical applications, botanical skincare, room/body/aura sprays. We use 100% pure therapeutical grade essential oils, organic or wild harvested herbs, and pure organic hydrosols, plus gentle and powerful energies of flowers, plants, crystals and planets.

Our focus is to re-establish your miraculous relationship with nature and your inner-self through hand-crafted, all-natural products and healing modalities that bring body, mind and spirit to its ultimate balance. It is in this balance that we find health, joy, and serenity. We encourage you to take your well being into your own hands, by befriending yourself on the deepest level and learning how to understand what your body and soul communicates and needs. 


Maitri Verde's goal is to produce only what is needed, leaving zero waste. Each product is handcrafted using only top quality, sustainably grown and ethically crafted ingredients, and is sustainably packaged to provide optimal shelf life. 


Each product is made with intention of harming no-one, while practicing ahimsa or non-violence in thoughts, words and actions with the belief that the world will change with every person who is happier and healthier.


Women Owned and Operated

Maitri Verde was founded by psychological aromatherapist and flower essence practitioner Anna Bazarnaya. Her reiki-charged formulas are powerful tools to help overcome life's challenges and live each day with purpose. They serve as powerful therapeutic tools for healing and transformation.

Anna found her calling in restoring the human's connection to nature and guiding others through the process of deep emotional healing to self-realization and finding their unique place in a web of life.

Her products are made using the highest quality natural ingredients. At every possibility she is passionate to make sure eco-friendly products are being used.

Made in small batches, all Anna's products are lovingly hand crafted, ensuring the highest amount of attention, care and love is given to each one.

Leaving the World a Better Place than How We Found It

As of January 13th, 2022, we're delighted to announce our partnership with Ecologi.  Maitri Verde might be only a small business compared to larger companies. But we are passionate about off-setting our carbon footprint whilst trying to help against climate control.


We commit to leaving the World a Better Place than How We Found It. For every order you place we plant a tree on your behalf or invest in a life-changing project through the help of Ecologi.

Check our progress and help Maitri Verde increase our impact.


Let'd grow our own forest...

Image by Jason Leem

Power of Water

In our flower essences and skincare formulas we use sacred spring water drawn from the protected springs at the base of Mount Shasta. This area is known worldwide for having some of the best tasting, purest, natural sources of spring water that originates from glaciers high atop Mt. Shasta and flows through miles of volcanic rock.

Mount Shasta has become known to many as a portal, or vortex, between the outer and inner world. The power of Mount Shasta has been felt by Native Americans for thousands of years. The mountain straddles the past territories of the Shasta, Wintu, Achumawi, Atsugewi and Modoc tribes. They believed the mountain was inhabited by the spirit chief Skell, who descended from heaven to the mountain’s summit.

Beyond Preservation

At Maitri Verde we believe that "God is in the details". Instead of using traditional brandy, we preserve "mother" and "stock" flower essences with high quality cognac, adding it's medicinal and vibrational properties to the potency of the flower essences.


Cognac is a sophisticated drink holding unique vibrations of the Earth lei lines of that region. There is a reason it is also called “eau de vie” or “the live water.” 

Astrodynamic Preparations

Beyond the precise attention to purification and preservation, the essences are brought to you with the prayerful permission of the featured flowers, taking into account Lunar and Planetary cycles, classic alchemical principles, sacred geometry, crystal and color therapy disciplines.


Every product is bottled by hand in the healing room, with intention and “mature” under the copper pyramid. Sometimes we make crystal grids around our "mother" formulas  or place it under the moon or sun, depending on the healing effect that is emphasized.


We believe in purity of energy and intention throughout all stages of production. Every product is bottled individually by hand and every order is packaged with love, gratitude, Reiki energy and intentions to bring healing to our clients.

If you find a product that you want to work with, leave us a note at checkout and provide your name, problem or intention and we will complimentary fine-tune the chosen essence for you.

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