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Our collection of hydrosols traditionally  distilled on copper alembic

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A Hydrosol: Aromatic Water That Contains The Whole Plant in Every Drop

Hydrosols, often referred to as "flower waters," are crafted by distilling fresh leaves, fruits, flowers, and plant materials. Unlike essential oils, these aromatic waters are less concentrated, offering soft and subtle aromas with gentle, green notes from the plant's water-soluble constituents.

Packed with skincare benefits and uplifting aromatherapy properties, hydrosols are versatile additions to your self-care routine. They excel as single-ingredient perfumes, deodorants, facial toners, and air fresheners. 

Hydrosols are gentle and safe to use for children and pets, making them a family-friendly choice for creating a soothing and refreshing environment in your home. Weave them into your daily rituals for a touch of botanical luxury that nurtures both body and spirit.

Maitri Verde Distillery

Alchemists from all over the world have performed transformational, healing distillations for over 3,000 years; an artful process I am humbled to participate in. It takes much more than a recipe to make an excellent hydrosol: we are working with nature and the four elements and it becomes art, with a distiller in the middle as a fifth element.

We use only organically, sustainable and locally grown plants harvested with love and respect for the plan's spirit.

Maitri Verde's  distillery features copper hand crafted split-column alembics shipped directly from Portugal. They are handmade from high quality copper sheets with 100% lead free soldering.


A hydrosol starts as a seed,
It absorbs the sun and drinks the rain.
It frolics with the wind, sings with the birds,
sleeps with the moon.
When harvest arrives, it dances with the Alembic
to become one with fire and water.
It rises as vapor and returns as liquid.

~ Ann Harmann


How to Use Aromatic Sprays

Hydrosols are incredibly gentle and subtle. Contrary to their essential oil counterparts, they have almost no health contradictions. They are perfect as a daily facial toner and energetic mist, protecting and nourishing the skin from everyday pollutants.

In addition to tonifying the skin, hydrosols can be used as a holistic and energetic mist for mood, as a scalp tonic and added to baths. Hydrosols are precious ancient remedies, and some of natures most pure antioxidants for the skin. Mist as often as desired for a boost of hydration and refreshment.

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