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My name is Anna Bazarnaya. I am an intuitive healer, an artist, a gardener, a distiller, an alchemist, a plant communicator, and a passionate environmentalist. My path is deeply rooted in seeking to understand human pain and suffering. My professional development occurred through my own personal healing journey after decades of abusive relationships, limiting beliefs, eating disorders, and physical challenges, including chronic fatigue, adrenal burnout, and candida overgrowth. 

While healing myself on a physical level with nutritional protocols, and herbal medicine, I turned to deep emotional healing with the use of flower essences, aromatherapy, Yungian psychology and experiential therapy combined with other healing modalities and energy work. During my three year stay in Costa Rica, I re-discovered my childhood gift of plant communication that allows me to understand the energy and power of each plant's archetype and match it to the energy, challenges, and needs of every client. 

I combined my professional training with a gift of empathy, intuitive abilities and plant spirit communication and created a protocol that allows access to the core emotional wounds and brings them to the surface for healing through the use of flower essences. The process is supported by the True Self psychological aromatherapy formulas. This is an experience-based process of developing embodied awareness. Clients actively participate in their healing process utilizing the power of their feelings and emotions, rather than a passive approach of book knowledge that involves the mind and logic but lacks practical application.

I am passionate about sharing my gifts and knowledge, helping people heal their core wounds and reconnect to their true essence through the essences of plants.

With Loving-Kindness,

 Anna  Bazarnaya

I believe in the power of nature. I am a Reflector in Human Design and a highly intuitive empath with deep connection to nature: its energy, wisdom and healing abilities.

I study and apply ancient knowledge and practices in combination with the break-throughs of modern science. I embrace logic, intuition, and empathy. When combined and applied together, they help me find a unique solution for a product formula or to a case study.
My professional development occurred through my own personal healing journey.  


After decades of abusive relationships, limiting believes, eating disorders, and ongoing physical complaints I managed the way to heal myself. I re-connected back to my True Self, found my life purpose, and am healing my Wounded Inner Child.    


My professional training/certifications include:

  • 200-RYT Hatha Yoga Instructor certified (YogaWorks)

  • Clinical Aromatherapist certified by Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy and NAHA

  • Certified Plant Spirit Herbalist 

  • Professional Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner trained by FES of California

  • Formulator of Botanical Body Care Products trained by New York Institute Of Aromatic Studies and Alice Duvernel (Biophilia Botanicals).

  • Professional Plant distiller trained by Ann Harman, author of "Harvest to Hydrosol" and Alice Duvernell (Biophilia Botanicals)

  • Certified Usui Reiki practitioner

  • BFA in Graphic Design (AAU of San Francisco)


I am a proud member of NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy) and FES (Flower Essence Society).

The doctor is effective only when he himself is affected.

~ Carl Jung 

Every person is unique. And I believe that treatments should be formulated specifically for each individual, taking into consideration the date and place of birth, constitution, current state of body and mind, stress level, geographic location, season, lifestyle. 

I have created  general blends that benefit everybody but for more complicated issues I encourage you to work with me and create  individual blends or a combination of remedies to achieve best results.

I share the knowledge of how to understand yourself, acknowledge your needs, embrace your emotions, understand the cause and effect of what shows up as a dis-ease and navigate your life with confidence.

Seeing Your Wounds, Dear One

You have been hurt so many times. And most likely robbed of love when you were a child or loved in a "wrong" way that caused you to close down or make a false assumption that you are not lovable or don't deserve love. Let the medicine of nature show you that it is not true.

I know and understand how it feels because I had been there - wounded, feeling lonely, unloved, unworthy, and depressed. I made the way out and now walk the path of a Wounded Healer and my soul development.

I offer to help anyone decode what their body is trying to communicate, to address emotional needs, help find your life’s purpose and choose the right path, embrace your individuality, accept your strengths and weaknesses, and break the cycles of habitual patterns and destructive behavior through my compassion and connection to nature's medicine. 

I enjoy the study and practice of Jungian psychology, medical astrology, mythology, and symbolism and expand my knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the theory of Five Elements, Ayurveda, traditional and Latino herbalism. I practice yoga and shamanism. 


I was always intrigued by the many similarities across world belief systems, sacred texts, myths, and spiritual practices as a gateway to our True Self and to the collective unconscious. I researched how our body communicates the emotional needs of the soul through its expressive language of symptoms and diseases and points to unresolved issues and traumas stored in the subconscious

My Desires For You

May you heal the wounds of the past
May your heart remain open
May you feel safe and confident to be yourself
May you stay connected as a part of the whole
May you love for the sake of love
May you always remember that you are loved and supported

Other people are going to find healing in your wounds. Your greatest life messages and your most effective ministry will come out of your deepest hurts. 

~ Rick Warren  

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