Maitri (pronounced as m-uh-y-tree) is a Buddhist concept of unconditional love, compassion, and acceptance of yourself. Maitri means to feel at home in your body, at peace with your mind, in a flow with your emotions, and in constant dialog with your heart and soul. Your own healing and self mastery come first, only then you can focus on fulfilling your life purpose and serving others. 

Our story began as one person's quest for health and finding life purpose. It transformed into a mission to help people heal their past, find their place in a web of life, and live in harmony with nature.

Allow us to help you heal naturally by transforming personal and transgenerational trauma, tackling modern-day stress, balancing emotions, supporting your soul's growth, keeping your energy clean and vibrations high. 


We love nature and admire its endless wisdom, creativity, and healing power. We selected the best natural ingredients to connect you with your emotions, evoke inner wisdom, unleash your full potential, and establish relationships with fellow humans and our planet based on love and respect. 

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All we have to do is to find what is wrong with our nature and to take the herb which corresponds to this

~ Dr Edward Bach


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We encourage self-study and self-healing by providing tools and guidance for the successful selection of Maitri Verde's products. Try our specialty formulas to address mental and emotional symptoms, addictions and eating disorders, relationship problems, codependency, lost sense of Self, and emotionally based physical symptoms. All those are indicators that you function as a so-called False Self while being disconnected from your authentic True Self.

Private Healing Sessions and Custom Formulas

Creator of Maitri Verde, Anna Bazarnaya, an intuitive healer, clinical aromatherapist, and flower essence practitioner, offers private sessions for those seeking additional support in their healing process. She combines ancient and esoteric knowledge, principles of oriental medicine with modern-day science, Jungian psychology, and her gift for intuitive healing. Recalibrate your inner compass, heal traumatic past, bring out your best potentials and individuality, rebalance altered mental and emotional state with private sessions and bespoke custom formulas.


Wholesale Pricing for Practitioners

The secret of successfully addressing any symptom or syndrome lays in a holistic approach of bringing harmony and balance to the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. When plant-based aromatic components of high-grade organic essential oils and vibrational subtle energies of flower essences are combined with other healing modalities we achieve a combined, much greater synergetic healing effect. Maitri Verde creates custom formulations and healing protocols to accompany various healing modalities.  

The first method of healing is to cure the spirit; 
the second is to give knowledge of how
to restore the body.

~ Nei Ching, Oldest Known Medical Book

Maitri Verde's products are 100% natural remedies that combine bioactive components, and high-frequency vibrations of essential oils, flower essences, and crystals. We guarantee the purity of intention, ingredients, and energy on all stages of production. 

Essential oils are naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize, and promote the health of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. They work holistically - unifying physiological, psychological, and spiritual elements to enhance our individual natural healing process.

Flower essences are herbal extracts that capture and preserve the vital energy/chi/prana of the plant. They are vibrational in nature, have no taste, smell, or chemical components. Each flower has a specific frequency and an energetic signature that uniquely addresses a particular issue of your emotional and mental wellness. Flower essences remove miasms from your subtle body and stimulate a healthy circulation of your vital energy.


Essential oils and flower essences help to shift us out of self-limiting, self-destructive patterns, and behaviors of the false persona created as a protective mechanism after experiencing emotional trauma.


Unlike Western medicine, they neither numb your senses nor mask your symptoms. 


Every formula is based on modern-day psychology, the latest scientific research, ancient traditional medicine, and the healing power of nature.



Meet the Maker

Maitri Verde was founded by psychological aromatherapist and flower essence practitioner Anna Bazarnaya. Her reiki-charged formulas are powerful tools to help overcome life's challenges and live each day with purpose. They serve as powerful therapeutic tools for healing and transformation.

Anna found her calling in restoring the human's connection to nature and guiding others through the process of deep emotional healing to self-realization and finding their unique place in a web of life.

In addition to Maitri Verde's product line, Anna creates custom formulas tailor-made to your needs and issues. She offers private healing sessions, programs, workshops, and classes for personal growth, transformation, and soul purpose activation.