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Gain exclusive access to our inner circle's deep healing and awakening insights, fueled by the natural remedies your soul craves.

Welcome to Ancestral Healing

Ancestral healing is synonymous with generational healing, but I believe in doing it not only from a psychological and social science perspective but incorporating a spiritual and energetic approach as well. 


We all come from and carry the past, yet it has been forgotten because culture and history continues to move forward at a speed that can often cause us to forget our roots. Looking at your individual generational trauma, you can release and find acceptance of family wounds that occurred in someone else’s life that has shaped the energy and beliefs of your lineage.

The study of epigenetics shows us how generational trauma is passed on, not only through genes but the psyche of generations. Certain genes will trigger fight, flight, or fawn in your nervous system. Epigenetic changes can be inherited across generations, which means that your ancestors' trauma and experiences can potentially affect your own gene expression.  


All of us in some degree come from a lineage of people who experienced great traumas such as immigration, genocide, slavery, famine, abandonment, and so on. If over time, we simply say that this is part of being human and that it’s “normal” for these things to happen, they create a wound inside our psyches, energetic bodies, and behavior patterns. When that continues to happen with no ritual, spiritual honoring, or resetting of the nervous system (physically and spiritually), we pass those same ideas and energy onto the next generation.

At some point, we must “break the chain.” Changing your behavior or going to an energy healer alone won't change your ancestors or their energetic bodies. Therefore, going to the ancestors directly and connecting to them through dreams, visual journeys, guided mediations, songs, dance help shift their energy so you can embody the fresh energy of transformation, and breathe your own dreams into life.

I invite you on a journey to meet your ancestors with the help of plant remedies. They will be your guides, healers and protectors. Soak in and receive the wisdom of your bloodline. Release pain, fear, survival mode and suffering of the past that made its way to your modern existance.

Image by Jay Mantri

Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

~ Carl Gustav Yung  

Foundational Principles For Ancestral Healing 

Remember that foundational principles for ancestral healing are commitment, consistency, and vulnerability.


Commitment because if you sit down and say I’m going to do this, be the change, break the chains, live my life differently and honor where I came from; it’s going to require you to show up and stand in that authority. You will be the one in your family that hears and honors the calling even when it’s hard.


Commitment and consistency go together by carving out the time to journal, connect with your ancestors, find a mentor or healer, follow the offerings that your ancestors might ask from you, engage with practices that help you embody the healing and blessings, research recipes, and so on.


Vulnerability is required both with yourself and your people. Acknowledging that you’re willing to do this, and you need their help. That you want to remember the songs, dance, potency, freedom, power, that come down from the women and men in your lineage. Vulnerability will pull family members to you who are ready to do the work and be in community with you.

What are the steps people can take to heal their ancestral trauma?

Many of us don’t even realize that we’re repeating patterns from our mothers, fathers, let alone the people from generations so far back that we aren’t even aware of their names. If you’re dreaming and wanting to see something different in your own life to that of your family line or are looking to do it in a specific way and still feeling stuck — it’s probably a good idea to explore ancestral trauma.


The first step is being open to experiencing life in a new way. Take ownership that things can be different no matter the subject — money, relationships, love, responsibility, work.


Secondly, whatever it is you want to change that you believe is connected to an ancestral trauma or wound, you need to look for the patterns in your own lived family and personal life. Observe any personal or generational patterns associated with what you want to heal and look for insights.

Ask yourself: 

Is my ethnic heritage and ancestry and important influence in my life?

Are there ancestors or members of my ethnic community who inspire me?

Am I aware of dysfunctional patterns in my life that go back over several generations?

The third step is taking the plant remedies included in the Shadow & Ancestral Healing Kit and doing actual practices. 

Before you begin, please watch the video on how to take your products included into Shadow/Ancestral Healing Kit: 

Practice #1: Family Lineage

Prepare your space and yourself by smudging with Energy Shield, smoke or with essential waters of White Sage, Cedar, Rosemary, or Lavender.

Ground, nurture and relax yourself into a state of the ultimate

receptivity. Hold your Snowflake Obsidian during each ritual, or place on your altar or in your pocket or medicine bag.

Set an intention to connect to the main ancestral wound preventing you from being the change, achieving your goals, or feeling love and harmony in the world. 


Observe with all your senses which clue comes up: an image, a memory, a smell, a word, an emotion, a physical sensation. Remember to look for links between your individual trauma, transgenerational and collective trauma: we carry a load of all three.


After you finish meditation or writing inhale Shadow Aroma Blend and take more of the Shadow Flower Elixir, ask yourself:

What stories you have been told that support that ancestral wound. 
Who taught you how to hold that wound?


Take another five minutes to write down what you desire to change about it.

This is an easy practice of inquiry to become aware of ancestral patterns, wounds, and how you hold them in your own life. If you go directly to the ancestors but you don’t believe your life can be different or have the courage within yourself to embark on deeper healing, it’s a futile mission. Therefore, it’s important to begin with awareness, so that you can see the patterns that show up and believe they can be healed.

You can finish your practice as described in the section below on finalizing your practices.

Plant Shadow

What Clients Say

Shadow has opened a whole world to me and it hasn’t been easy to face. Old patterns are resurfacing and I hope it is so that I can release them once and for all! Fear and sadness have been very present. So thankful for the flower essences that showed me the way!

-Linda Antonetti, Italy

Practice #2: Meet Your Ancestors

This is a powerful shamanic visual journey and I will be your guide. Ancient shamanic practices, with roots dating back thousands of years, embody a time-honored tradition characterized by their safety, potency, and lack of association with any specific religion, making them universally accessible pathways for personal and spiritual exploration.


Prepare your space and yourself by smudging with Energy Shield, smoke or with essential waters of White Sage, Cedar, Rosemary, or Lavender.

Ground, nurture and relax yourself into a state of the ultimate

receptivity. Hold your Snowflake Obsidian during each ritual, or place on your altar or in your pocket or medicine bag.

Set your intention for the journey.  For example: to connect to the main ancestral wound preventing you from being the change, achieving your goals, or feeling love and harmony in your world. 


After you finish, take some time to reflect and write down what you received.



I am bound to them though I cannot look into their eyes or hear their voices.
I honor their history. I cherish their lives.
I will tell their story.
I will remember them for I am the result of the very love, struggle, sacrifice and journey of thousands.

Practice #3: Pyramid Of Light

This is an important practice for protection and to force any entities, negative energies, or spirits to leave your body and energy field. Sometimes even our ancestors are trying to help us or to release their pain and suffering through own light and energy field. Use Energy Shield by spraying around yourself before you begin, during the practice if you feel to do it intuitively and after the practice to visually seal and fortify your pyramid of light.

Practice #4: : Ritual of Releasing and Healing

This is a very deep practice that requires time and dedication. Download the detailed instructions that will help you set up and guide you through.

Close up for your practices.

You can finish any of your practices by expressing gratitude to your parents and ancestor for everything they went through to bring you into the world and their loving care. After that say out loud:

Dear parents, dear ancestors, I am now ending my loyalty to your suffering and to repeating things that were difficult for us and I connect in deepest loyalty to your yearning for your worth, your dignity, your self-determination, and fulfilled life. The thing is that, by being true to my heart, I am doing differently today, I am also doing for all my descendants and relatives. And SO IT IS.

If there is an emotion coming up or information that need release – inhale more of the Shadow Aroma Blend  and do some emotional release practice: do a vigorous yoga practice, run, swim, do an ecstatic dance or skeleton dance, take a warm cleansing bath with salts and essential oils, stand barefoot on the ground with palms on the Earth, breath and dislodge all energy into the Earth.


To become aware is to become empowered. This knowledge and awareness put you on a path to healing. When you begin seeing patterns and believe that they CAN and SHOULD be shifted, you may want to start looking for a mentor. Any healer, counselor, or ancestral lineage practitioner will ask for the reasons drawing you to the work and want to know about specific patterns that have been emerging. Have a good list of what you want to change in your life, within your family, or beyond, and hold that intention so that life can guide you to your mentor!


Seeking help is the highest form of praise, self-love, and compassion that you can have for yourself, and you are always rewarded for it. One of the key components of ancestral healing that is commonly misunderstood is that we can do it all entirely ourselves. It really requires us to be in communal healing. Having a practitioner or mentor with you and your ancestors shifts the narrative around individual, heavy forms of healing into a communal practice where your ancestors can take responsibility for their pain and unprocessed wounds. A space where you can embody the blessings physically, so the lineage and world start to shift.


Continue working with Shadow Aroma Blend or essential oils of Helichrysum, Rose, Geranium, Neroli, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Cypress, Mandarin, Cardamom for processing trauma.


Next stage will be to Integrate and go beyond the traumatic experience/transition into the new consciousness.


Shadow Flower Elixir, Integration Flower Elixir, True Self Shadow Aromaand True Self Release Aroma contain flower essences and essential oils that support and catalyze all steps of each individual process and the continues healing process from becoming aware of the trauma through further working with healers, mentors and energy workers to release trauma and re-write the pattern.

Colorful Flowers

BONUS: Helpful Flower Essences For Ancestral Healing


Insights and revelations:

Black-eyed Susan (Included in Shadow Flower Essence Elixir) is the classic anti-repressor. It is a powerful essence for unlocking areas of old trauma, or painful areas that we’ve walled off ourselves. Black-eyed Susan lends us the courage to go deep within and release those things, which have been trapped in our subconscious. This essence will bring light into the darkest areas, helping you to identify and shed hurts and burdens. 


Joshua Tree (Included in Shadow Flower Essence Elixir) awakens the human identity and gives the individual a distinct awareness of this awakening. This essence will clean family patterns that are sclerotic and obsolete, that darken the soul, forcing us to drag a negative karma originating from our ancestors. Joshua Tree will help us be reborn with a higher level of consciousness and a joyful hope for a new beginning.

The unusual branching formations of the Joshua Tree, featuring pronounced twists and turns, is related to its most predominant healing characteristic. The flower essence from this tree gives a remarkable strength to the soul to turn toward its future. The expression of individuality within the soul, is always a process of coming to be, involving a dynamic of turning from the past, to achieve a new orientation.


Cleansing and processing: 

Lantana, Mugwort, Sagebrush, White Sage (Included in Shadow Flower Essence Elixir)


Support in processing:

Aspen is beneficial when anxiety and fears of the unknown arise,

for when there are vague feelings that something terrible is going

to happen.


Cherry Plum supports those times when there is a fear of letting

go, of losing control and having a mental/emotional breakdown.

These are times of high stress and anxiety due to unconscious

patterns/conflicts/shadows rising to the surface.


Elm is helpful when there is a feeling of overwhelm due to all the

stressors of the inner transformation, where daily tasks and

responsibilities are simply impossible to attend to.


Gorse helps when feelings of depression and hopelessness are

present, where there is great suffering and the sense that things

will not get better.


Mimilus quells everyday known fears such as the fear of death,

failure, pain, poverty or the future.


Mustard clears temporary feelings of depression/melancholy, as if

a dark cloud has descended out of nowhere and for no apparent



Pine is useful when there is guilt, self-blame, self-criticism and a

negative self-image. Feelings of despondency, unworthiness and

inferiority can be allayed with Pine.


Rescue Remedy is helpful for the initial stages of any traumatic

experience to quickly reestablish equilibrium.


Star of Bethlehem is a healing balm that neutralizes past shock

and trauma, thereby restoring the self-healing mechanism of the



Sweet Chestnut is the foremost remedy as it addresses the

feelings of extreme despair, dejection, and loneliness. It is to be

taken when one has reached “rock bottom” where there is

helplessness, isolation, and the feeling of being utterly lost inside.

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