Intuitive Healing Sessions with Anna for Emotional Healing, Self-Realization and Spiritual Growth

You are a uniquely gifted individual who was shaped by your family, culture, and society. You carry not just your own wounds but the mistakes, pains, sufferings, and family secrets of generations before you. They are stored in your physical and energetical bodies, your subconscious mind, and cellular memory. Many healing modalities cannot access such a deep level and address the core issue of imbalance, but flower essences and essential oils can.

I am a guide that listens to you and sees you: the truth of your struggles and sufferings and the nature of the imbalance. My task is to match you with the right archetypal plant or flower and explain how to use it to activate your self-healing abilities and direct your healing or soul development process. 

The 50 Minute Intuitive Healing Session is your sacred safe time and space to witness and understand the core issues your body, mind, and soul are telling you.


Together we go deep to reveal the truth behind your problems and symptoms, shine the energy of loving compassion, and connect you to the natural remedy best suited for you at this moment. Feel calmer, loved, cared for, understood, and connected to your True Self.


Intuitive Healing Sessions combine intuitive channeling, Flower Essence Therapy, and Emotional Aromatherapy, with elements of gentle psychology, and Reflector's feedback on your current issue. 


The session is a powerful solution whether you need to work through a particular flaring issue, unstuck and get clarity on life direction, strengthen your spiritual path, or to go deep into unresolved emotional experiences from childhood. We talk about your past, present situation, and discuss visions and desires for the future, your relationships, recent or past traumas. We identify any patterns, habits or believes that is not serving you well or that may, in fact, have a destructive influence on your life.


As a result of your session, you receive a Custom Flower Essence formula, tailored to address your specific concerns and a protocol with recommended practices and lifestyle changes.

No two sessions are the same as your body and soul speak through my spirit and nature guides showing me what needs adjustment, attention, healing, the choice of remedies, and the level of support needed. After your first session is complete, we establish your integration plan so you can embody the received information and let the plant medicine do its work. 


  • 45-minute private online video session through Zoom. 

  • A personalized 30 ml flower essence formula that will direct the healthy movement of change and growth needed. It will last about 30 days, a time typically required to notice the shift. OR, if you prefer, you will be given a healing protocol for the next 3-6 weeks with the formulas from the Maitri store.

  • A mantra, affirmation, guided meditation, the recommended crystal will be emailed to you within the next two couple of days as I process received information.

  • Your recorded session so you can get back to it, receive more insights or refresh your memory regarding recommendations.


PRICE: $200.00 (international shipping charged separately)




Anna Bazarnaya is a Reflector, who serves as a mirror, designed to be extremely empathetic and to understand humans in a deep nonjudgemental way. The Reflector's task is to give the rest of humanity a true undistorted reflection of where they are at, and how they are doing in life. 

She uses the knowledge of the body to communicate the emotional needs of the soul through its expressive language of symptoms and diseases and points to unresolved issues and traumas stored in the subconscious. 

As a trained flower essence therapy practitioner, she works with over 200 flower essences from the repertory of FES, Dr. Bach Flower Remedies, and Maitri Verde's own collection. 

Intuitive Healing Journey

By taking flower essences you will learn to understand and accept your emotions as a natural part of yourself. Healing is a process, not a destination. A process of recovering and integrating parts of yourself that were ignored or lost from awareness. It is about letting go of the past, so you can change our narrow perspective and step in into broader consciousness. 

You need clear intentions about what kind of change you want to achieve and ultimately make an unwavering commitment to changing your life for the better.


Plant remedies alone will not transform you. Healing will occur in time, in proportion to your willingness to let go of all that prevents you from realizing your true potential. They act as a catalyst to bring about lasting change sustained through your discipline and lifestyle habits. 


Before working with me and the plant remedies, it's essential to be clear with yourself about your willingness to do whatever it takes to affect the change you seek.

By bringing personal history into the light of consciousness, it is possible to identify limiting believes, destructive behavior, and emotional patterns that are underlying current life challenges. Issues may involve the experience of abandonment, neglect, abuse, deep-rooted or unresolved anger, despair, or grief which the soul carries from the early stages of life. 

The flower essences and essential oils belong to the category of plant remedies. They require time and commitment to your healing journey with them in order to shift out of the body's most deep-seated dysfunctions. 


Such deep healing requires patience, trust in your healer and remedies, and willingness. 


Book Your Intuitive Session: 

Includes your Custom Formula + shipping within the continental USA 

(international shipping charged separately).

OR a detailed treatment plan for usage Maitri Verde's formulas for next 3-5 months. Cost of formulas is NOT included in the price of session.

Plant medicine is based on a relationship between the plant, the healer, and the person needing healing. It is a three-way relationship.

~ Cathy Skipper

What you need to know about with Plant Medicine

  • You need clear intentions about what kind of change you want to achieve and ultimately make an unwavering commitment to changing your life for the better.

  • Life is an ever-shifting spiral of the soul's evolution. Each issue successfully solved leads us to a new experience and a new challenge. Healing and understanding our life's purpose are not final destinations, but the stepping stones on the infinite staircase of the soul's development.

  • Another important aspect is that healing cannot be forced and deep healing requires patience, trust, and courage. 

  • The absence of recording and reflection of your healing process complicates tracking and evaluating the results.

  • The results and progress depend on your participation in the healing journey. Following instructions for use and regularity of taking your flower essence and aroma formula are crucial for your healing progress.

  • Plant Medicine is most effective when you have access to a practitioner trained to process trauma and assist in its release. There are parts that you can do on your own and times to seek support and assistance from energy healers.

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The Call to Work with Sacred Plant Medicine

The perfect time to work with flower essences is at times when you need to address your response to pain, discomfort, or dissatisfaction with the way you perceive the world or yourself. You will definitely benefit from the healing effect of the flower essences if you answer YES to one or more of the following questions:


  1. You lost a sense of Self, don't know who you are, what you really want?

  2. Are you looking for love and want to be loved and appreciated?

  3. You are not sure what you want, what your needs are, and how to announce and stay true to them?

  4. Are you looking for a Soul Mate that will love and accept you for who you are?

  5. Have you been presented with a seemingly difficult problem in life and need to see a bigger picture? Or need to make a decision/choice aligned with your True Self?

  6. You are experiencing a big change or transition, such as a change in your work, relationship, financial or living situation?

  7. Is a concept or perspective that was always true for you no longer working?

  8. Did you recognize that things are not the way you would like them to be, and you don’t know what or how to change?

  9. You realized that you don’t know your life purpose, either spiritually or in a more mundane sense, and feel a need to define it?

  10. Do you feel an emptiness inside and want to learn and understand your spiritual self?

  11. Do you have an uncomfortable mental or emotional response to a situation or a person?

  12. Do you have trouble connecting and expressing your true feelings and emotions, feel "numb" as a coping/defensive mechanism to deal with painful reality?

  13. Did you become aware of repetitive behavior and self-destructive behavior patterns?

  14. You have addictions you can't overcome (food, alcohol, smoking, drugs, shopping, sex, gambling, etc.)?

  15. You noticed problematic relationship patterns including co-dependency, lack of fulfillment, problems with intimacy, and expression of sexuality?

  16. You feel worried, uneasy, or experiencing a feeling that you can not define?

  17. Are you acting out behavior that you don’t like, but don’t know how to change it?

  18. Did you have a spiritual experience that you can’t explain, understand, or have a hard time integrating?

  19. Are you in the midst of a transformational experience and seek support to make the journey more peaceful?

  20. You see that your believes and perspectives are limited and want to change it?

  21. Are you dealing with physical or emotional healing that feels overwhelming or unending?

  22. Have you given up hope and don't know how to change?

Flower essences are safe, gentle, and fast-acting remedies given to us by the wisdom of mother nature. They are easy to use, easy to make a part of your daily routine.

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When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

~ Lao Tzu

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