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The secret of successfully addressing any symptom or syndrome lays in a holistic approach of bringing harmony and balance to the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. 

Various researches prove that physical manifestations of symptoms have their roots in emotions and attitudes. Our body functioning is a continuous adaptation process to our external and internal environments that is operated by the brain. The brain in turn reflects the states of our mind, the emotions, and the soul.


When plant-based aromatic components of high-grade organic essential oils and vibrational subtle energies of flower essences are combined with other healing modalities we achieve a combined, much greater synergetic healing effect.

Maitri Verde offers a variety of individual flower essences and flower essence blends handcarfted according to the guidance of Dr. Edward Bach and utilizing the knowledge gathered by California Flower Essence Society (FES) during forty years of clinical studies.

True Self is our line of psychological aromatherapy that improves an individual's wellbeing by healing psychological emotional traumas, emotionally related physical symptoms, reduce the perception of stress by altering brain waves and body chemistry.

Our Products Are Ideal for Practitioners:

  • Chiropractors and Osteopaths

  • Massage Therapists

  • Acupuncturists and Acupressure Therapists

  • Integrated Medicine

  • TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Practitioners

  • Physical/Occupational Therapy

  • Medical Doctors

  • Behavioral Therapists

  • Naturopaths

  • Psychologists 

  • Yoga for Trauma

  • Reiki and Other Healing Energy Modalities

  • Art Therapy

  • Gestalt Therapy

  • Family Constellation and Past Life Regression

  • Dreamwork and Dream Interpretation

Types of Businesses Carrying Maitri Verde's Products



Natural Food Co-ops & Organic Grocery





Natural Health


Individually, we are one drop. 

Together, we are an ocean.

~ Ryunosuke Satoro

Apply for a Wholesale Account

Our wholesale account holders receive a 35% discount on all our products. The minimum buy-in is $300.


After the first purchase, the minimum order is $100.


The minimum yearly purchase amount is $500. All wholesale account holders must run a business or practice. Any of the following are acceptable proof:

  • Reseller’s Permit

  • Business License

  • Health Practitioner’s License or Certificate - Acupuncture, Massage, TCM, MD, DO, etc.

To apply for a wholesale account, please fill the above form and email a photo of your reseller’s permit or practitioner’s license to

Let's combine the efforts to make the world a better place!

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