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Heal the wounded inner child with the loving support of natural remedies


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Support for the Core Emotional Healing® Process


Core Emotional Healing® model was created by Elicia Miller. She helps individuals heal the sources of problematic patterns, chronic symptoms and feeling stuck. With her teachings, accurate insights and loving support Elicia helps her clients realize greater connection, intimacy and fulfillment.

Maitri Verde's products compliment and support the Core Emotional Healing® model, including CEH Self Study Online Course, CEH Live6-Week Class and CEH 6-Month Group Program.

Watch the video below for a deeper understanding of what the Maitri Verde flower essences and aromatherapy formulas in the CEH Support Kit can do to support healing your  wounded inner child  through the Core Emotional Healing® process created by Elicia Miller. 


You need more than what we can offer you if you have severe psychotic, mood or personality disorders including borderline, bipolar or multiple personalities. If you’re dealing with active addictions (i.e., needing something every day) and you can’t stop drinking, smoking marijuana, using hard drugs, using pain medications outside of the scope of your prescription, or looking for a quick fix.​


Maitri Verde's Core Emotional Healing® Support Kit is officially approved by Elicia Miller as supportive natural remedies for the Core Emotional Healing® process.


Buying kit saves you 20% OFF the individually priced products.

Individual Remedies

Add-ons to your kit:

Based on your life story and details of your personal Inner Child healing journey you may need those additional remedies:

Dreamwork assist with transferring of your unconscious thoughts, hidden memories, trauma and information into your conscious awareness through your dreams. It enhances your ability to see, remember and, most importantly, understand the "language" of your dreams.


Heart Opener brings the ability to love yourself and others unconditionally, with an open heart, strong boundaries and deep sense of trust. Heart Opener assists in moving forward and ease profound grief due to loss of a beloved (human or pet), painful break-up in a significant relationship or problematic conflict in your relationship that you have trouble forgetting or forgiving. It helps with feeling emotionally numb and having difficulty connecting to the feeling of love, warmth, and care. Heart Opener works on entanglement in relationships based on fear, possessiveness or neediness and emotional co-dependence.


She/Her for women that went through sexual abuse or having shame around sex or being in female body. Heal the deep wounding of the Feminine and release ages of shame surrounding and repressing feminine power, sensuality, and sexuality created by patriarchal society and rigid religious dogmas and tabus.


The essence of Mariposa Lily  works within your soul consciousness to heal what it means to be mothered or to be a mother.  It works on the trauma of the innocent child’s heart aching to be held in the embrace of unconditional love and warmth, feeling loved, cared and protected by the parents and caregivers, to experience  the Archetype of Great Mother.

Choose Your Add-Ons


I am not what happened to me,
I am what I choose to become.

~ Carl Gustav Yung  

Acknowledgment of the healing process and its stages.

My mentor, author, educator and founder of the Flower Essence Society of California, Patricia Kaminsky, determined the four stages of response to flower essence therapy: 

  • Stage 1: The most immediate effect that brings quick relief, a release, or shift. Most of the time, the response brings a sense of well-being but can sometimes be unexpected or unpleasant, such as a sudden release of tears or increased sleepiness. It may be mistaken by healing, and often, people stop working with flower essences at the stage of the initial emotional and even physical relief.

  • Stage 2: Development of awareness and recognition about your feelings, emotions, patterns, and a note of the psyche's hidden and rejected aspects - your "Shadow" that contributes to your dysfunctional patterns. This stage is a turning point because you get to know yourself better, become aware of what is going on with you, rather than depending on therapists and practitioners to tell you.

  • Stage 3: Deep psychological work and work on the old patterns imprinted in your present-day behavior. This stage requires the most determination and often associated with the "healing crisis." It also requires a comprehensive, holistic program developed specifically for you and your life story. Complimentary modalities can include counseling, dream and journal work, meditation, visualization, art therapy, and other self-awareness techniques. This stage is the most challenging, but the most necessary for deep healing to occur.

  • Stage 4: Can be described as renewal, integration, and re-visioning of Self. When you address the wounds in a transformational way, they become starting ground for new potential and soul evolution. You transform your limiting conditions into positive qualities on the opposite side of the scale. Plus, you develop sincere empathy, understanding, tolerance, and compassion towards others going through the same sufferings as you did, engaging the Wounded Healer Archetype.

These stages do not automatically occur in every individual case. More than one stage can operate in you concurrently or in a slightly modified sequence based on the various issues one person can be dealing with. The duration of these stages can range from a month to a year or more, based on individual circumstances. And the choice of flower essence or formulas that are taken need to be adjusted or reformulated according to YOUR individual progress. 


CEH Plant Medicine Support Consultation

Proper choice of flower essences and essential oils are crucial for the healing progress. 

This consultation is aimed to support you with a particular issue that you may have trouble processing, need to address deeper or you are stuck. For example: sexual trauma, abuse, extreme anxiety, depression and prolonged melancholy, Mother or Father wound, inability to express one or multiple emotions, extreme control, severe anger bursts.

After each session, you receive a Custom Flower Essence or Aromatherapy formula to address your specific concerns and lifestyle changes.

What is included in the price of your session:

  • 30 minute live Zoom call

  • Your custom flower essence formula (1-3 month supply based on your needs).

  • Follow up email with a recording of your session and explanation of the ingredients.

Separate charge

  • True Self Aroma formulas if recommended

NOTE: This consultation is ONLY open for Core Emotional Healing® students that have access at least to CEH Self Study. Inner Child Healing is not a joke, but a process that require guidance of a trained practitioner.

Special price: $88

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