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Maitri Verde created "Core Emotional Healing® Support Kit" to compliment the Core Emotional Healing® program designed and led by Elicia and Doug Miller Ph.D. 


The kit includes: 

  • 30 ml bottle of Sacred Lotus Flower Essence Elixir
  • 30 ml bottle Lion's Heart Flower Essence Elixir
  • 30 ml bottle Inner Child Flower Essence Elixir
  • 30 ml bottle Release Flower Essence Elixir
  • 30 ml bottle Integration Flower Essence Elixir
  • 10 ml roller bottle True Self: Maitri Roll-on Aroma formula 
  • 10 ml roller bottle True Self: Release Roll-on Aroma formula 


Save 20% when buying a kit compared to combined individual value.


The order of working with the kit:

  • Preparation Stage to healing (Sacred Lotus Flower Elixir): obtaining self-awareness, learning to listen to emotions and understand your needs, tuning to the Divine Mother archetype.

  • Working with Wounded Inner Child with Inner Child Flower Elixir and True Self Maitri Aroma.

  • Set and maintain healthy boundaries with Lion's Heart Flower Elixir (and True Self Confidence Aroma as optional add-on).

  • Dive deep and get awareness (Continue Inner Child).  Buy Dreamwork (not included) in addition if you had been recomended to work with your unconsciousness through your dreams).

  • Process and release the painful memories and emotional trauma with Release Flower Essence Elixir (and True Self Release Aroma as optional add-on).

  • Rest and recuperate and integrate the experience. Anchor in the new identity and learn to live with new conscious awareness after deep profound Inner Child work with Integration Flower Elixir and True Self Maitri Aroma.

If you are new to flower essence therapy and need guidance on how to take flower essences, watch the instructional video:



If you want more personalized approach and a custom treatment plan, consider booking an Intuitive Healing Session with Anna. If you want to work deeper and receive a custom flower essence formula tailor-made to the story of your life, with particular attention to your childhood, try the 3-month Healing Journey.


NOTE: THE LISTED BENEFITS ARE ACCUMULATIVE. Taking flower essences multiple times a day over weeks or months is a standard of practice. When you are working with deep emotional issues and trauma that have been with you for years, the guideline is to take an essence for one month for each year you have had the problem. You may need more than one bottle of Inner Child Flower Elixir to last you during the Inner Child healing journey. 


If you want a more personalized, custom made flower essence or aromatherapy formula and personalized treatment plan, you can book an Intuitive Healing Session and work directly with Anna Bazarnaya, founder and formulator of Maitri Verde. 


Core Emotional Healing Support Kit

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