Maitri Verde created "Heal Your Wounded Inner Child Kit" to support the Core Emotional Healing® program and the Core Emotional Experiential Therapy (CEET) designed and led by Elicia and Doug Miller Ph.D. 


The kit includes: 

  • 30 ml bottle of Sacred Lotus Flower Essence Elixir
  • 30 ml bottles Lion's Heart Flower Essence Elixir
  • 2 ml roller bottle True Self: Maitri Roll-on Aroma formula 
  • 2 ml roller bottle True Self: Release Roll-on Aroma formula 
  • 2 ml roller bottle True Self: Confidence Roll-on Aroma formula 
  • 2 ml roller bottle True Self: Happiness Roll-on Aroma formula 
  • 2 ml roller bottle True Self: Tranquility Roll-on Aroma formula 
  • 2 ml roller bottle True Self: Shadow Roll-on Aroma formula 


Sacred Lotus: Heart Opener is a super-powerful combination of three individual flower essences: the Pink, Blue, and White Lotus made on August 8th, 2018, so-called "8:8 The Lion's Gate Portal". In general, Lotus, flower essence is a great meditation aid. It is used for spiritual opening with the colors corresponding to chakras: Blue Lotus with the Third Eye, White Lotus with the Crown Chakra, and Pink Lotus with the Heart. 


This particular formula and astrodynamic preparation bring sudden revelations and a deeper connection to your Inner Self. You may receive insights and answers regarding traumatic experiences from the past, childhood, and how they influence you now. Sacred Lotus is an incredible heart opener. It gently opens your vulnerability and melts the ice wall between you and the rest of the world by tapping into an endless love resource for you in your own heart. You become aware if you had been too harsh on yourself and a need for self-compassion. But the most significant gift of Lotus is showing a way to feel and experience what Unconditional Love is. 


Lion's Heart: Staying In Your Power flower essence formula is a support tool in intensive transformation times, especially when healing your wounded inner child and shifting out of limiting patterns in relationships. This formula eases the transition into your newly discovered empowered state, help in processing and accept any emotions coming to the surface, and complete the release of what is ready to be released. 


The flower remedies inside the formula help heal the areas of the body where the negative emotions were stored and provide courage to face the outer world in your new expansive state, establish and maintain healthy boundaries, give you the courage to withstand and resist toxic people in your life. Another significant benefit is getting awareness and soothing the expressions of co-dependency in your current relationships and preventing forming them in the future. 


If you want more profound results in a shorter time, think about booking an Intuitive Healing Session with Anna. You will receive a custom flower essence formula tailor-made to the story of your life, with particular attention to your childhood. Start taking your custom formula as you start Core Emotional Healing® program, bring to awareness, and on the surface everything that needs to be processed and take full advantage of Core Emotional Experiential Therapy (CEET) session with Elicia and Doug Miller Ph.D. 


NOTE: THE LISTED BENEFITS ARE ACCUMULATIVE. Taking flower essences multiple times a day over weeks or months is a standard of practice. When you are working with issues that have been with you for a long time, the guideline is to take an essence for one month for each year you have had the problem. 


You are likely to experience relief much sooner. Still, to shift and stabilize in a new state entirely, we recommend at least six months' use of individual flower essences or custom formulas. 


Psychological aromatherapy formulas are powerful healing tools to be used topically or directly inhaled regularly for at least 20 consecutive days. 


Apply chosen formula before or during healing practices like meditation, sacred rituals, setting intentions, visualizations, and affirmations. Enhance the experience and depth of healing sessions by adding the aromatherapy experience to your bodywork sessions such as chiropractic adjustments, massage, energy healing as well as psychological and emotional release treatments: psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies, behavior and cognitive therapy, Wounded Inner Child healing, Shadow work, and many others. 

Heal Your Wounded Inner Child Kit

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