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Using directly from the stock bottle

Flower essences can be taken directly from the bottle: 1-2 sprays or 2-3 drops directly in mouth or in a glass of water. This dosage is taken four times daily: first thing in the morning, before bedtime and throughout the day. For acute cases use hourly, or even several times an hour, on a temporary basis.​ A 30 ml/1 oz  bottle used in this manner will last approximately three weeks to one month.


Mixing the essences in a glass of water 

Add 4 drops or 2-3 sprays to a large cup or glass about three-quarters full of fresh water. 

Stir the water for about a minute in a clockwise motion. The essence combination can then be sipped several times throughout the day from the glass or your water bottle. This mixture has to be newly prepared daily.  


Using a glass spray bottle or mister 

Add 4 drops or 2-3 sprays to a large cup or glass about three-quarters full of fresh water or your favorite hydrosol, facial toner or room spray. Rather than taking internally, spray the mixture around the body or along the meridians, and in the environment. Shake the bottle before each application to sustain potency.


Use in baths 

Add about 20 drops or 4-5 sprays to a normal-sized bath tub of warm water. Stir the water in a lemniscatory (figure-eight) motion for at least one minute to help potentize the remedies in the water. 

Soak in this solution for approximately 20 minutes. Pat the skin gently dry, and then rest quietly or go to sleep to continue to absorb the subtle qualities of the essences.


Topical use 

Add 6-–10 drops or 3 sprays per 30 gm (1 oz) of creme, oil, or lotion. Use on a daily basis either exclusively, or to supplement oral use. Flower Essences can be applied directly on the body in conjunction with massage, acupressure or acupuncture, or chiropractic treatments.


Frequency and timing of dosage 

Regular, rhythmic use of the flower remedies builds the strength of their catalytic action. Therefore, potency is increased not by taking more drops at one time, but by using them on a frequent, consistent basis. In most cases, the essences should be taken four times daily, although this may need to be increased in emergency or acute situations to once every hour, or even more often.


Children or other highly sensitive persons may at times need to decrease the frequency of use to once or twice daily, if they seem to be reacting too strongly.


The essences address the relationship between the body and soul, and therefore are most effective at the thresholds of awakening and retiring, since these are the times when the boundaries between body and soul shift. Other transition times of the day are also important, such as just before the noon or evening meals.


Even when the essences are used in the midst of a hectic schedule, it is beneficial to allow a quiet moment of receptivity so that the messages of the flowers can be received at a subtle level. Many people find it helpful to remember to take the essences by keeping one bottle of their flower essence formula right on the bedstand, and another one of the same combination in their purse, briefcase, or in the kitchen.


Although flower essences can be used on a short-term basis for acute situations, their ideal use is for long-term or deep-seated mental-emotional change. At this level, the most common cycle of essence use is four weeks or one month, a time interval which is strongly correlated to the emotional or astral body.


Seven-day or 14-day cycles may also be of significance in the growth process. For particularly deep changes, a whole series of monthly cycles may need to be considered. However, in most cases changes will be noticed in about one month. At this interval there is usually the need to re-formulate or re-assess the flower essence combination. I recommend continuing to use a formula or a single essence for a period of time even after some change has been noticed. This allows a possibility for the essences to be “anchored” at deeper levels of consciousness.

 - Luther Burbank

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