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Do you struggle to accept and celebrate your physical feminine form?

Feeling shame around sexual organs, menstruation, your sexuality?

Thinking of sexual intercourse as dirty, sinful and shameful? 

Think that sexuality and spirituality cannot co-exist? 

Can’t fully step into the creative and procreation power of being a woman?

Experinced sexual abuse and never completely recovered from it?


She/Her is a Flower Elixir for integration of the Divine Feminine aspect with female sexual and biological Self. 


Heal the deep wounding of the Feminine and release ages of shame surrounding and repressing feminine power, sensuality, and sexuality created by patriarchal society and rigid religious dogmas and tabus.


A beautiful synergy of Carnelian Gem Elixir with Flower Essences of Alpine Lily ,Pink Plumeria, Queen Ann’s Lace, Sticky Monkeyflower, Pink Monkeyflower, Hibiscus and Pomegranate assist with the following:


  • Full engagement of your female energies into your sexual expression.

  • Integration of sexuality with spiritual feminine Self.

  • Full acceptance of your female body and sexual organs overcoming shame often due to past sexual abuse.

  • Ability to express your feelings of love and speak intimately to your partner.

  • Expression of Feminine forces through creativity and procreation.

  • Integration of sexuality with with psychic forces

  • Balance between lower chakras and third eye function of inner knowledge and intuition.

  • Overcome fear of sexual intimacy.

  • Balance repressed or overactive sexual expression and addiction to sex.


Learn how to use flower essences:


Note: if you have experienced sexual abuse or trauma regarding your gender, have shame around sex, reproductive organs and healthy sexuality - you may need more than one 30 ml bottle to break through. Try a 3-month course and consider repeating a one or three month course in a few months or if another layer of trauma is surfacing up for release in the next few years.


A great supportive remedy to work with on self-love and self-acceptance is True Self: Release Aroma and True Self: Maitri Aroma.


If you feel stuck and can’t remember the traumatic events, consider a mini course of Shadow Flower Elixir for a duration of one-two weeks under the supervision of a psychologist or trained counselor.



She/Her Flower Elixir

  • Stock strength bottle, 30mL (1 fl oz)

    Homeopathic remedy.

    Note: Contains 20% of volume of 40% vol alcohol.

    Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or breast-feeding: ask a healthcare professional before use.


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