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Discover the unknown parts of yourself and receive messages through connecting to your unconscious mind.

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What is Shadow and Shadow Work?


Shadow is a term in psychology that includes everything we can’t see in ourselves and any parts we disown and reject within us that eventually turn against us.


The shadow is a defense mechanism motivated by fear to keep you safe. Your Shadow represents the lost parts of yourself that you split out of and repressed from consciousness starting in early childhood because you believed them to be unacceptable and unlovable.


Everyone has a Shadow and each individual’s Shadow has its own unique signature. You recognize and identify your Shadow by the situations that trigger it. Your triggers are emotionally loaded with your fears and are focused on past or future events.


Fear is the KEY emotion of your Shadow that shows up as resistance and struggling to what is happening in your life and around you. 


Why is Shadow and Shadow work important?
Because your Shadow self operates on its own -  without your full conscious awareness and you cannot control your behavior, attitude, limiting beliefs and defensive mechanisms. It is as if your conscious self goes on a complete autopilot while the unconscious takes full control. 


We go to great lengths to protect our self-image from anything unflattering or unfamiliar. Meeting the rejected and unwelcome parts of yourself is difficult but necessary if you wish to change. We tend to be ashamed of parts of us that we want to suppress, but despite all willpower this darker side of us creeps back and reveals itself every time we get triggered or go under severe stress.


Observing how you show gifts in one area of life while remaining unaware of poor behavior in other areas is a rewarding, yet challenging process called Shadow work. Exploring your Shadow leads to greater authenticity, creativity, energy, and incredible personal awakening and is essential for reaching mature adulthood.

Note: if you are new to Shadow Work - consider getting the help of a psychologist or another trained professional to help process and release your discoveries and assist you in assimilating the rejected parts of self. Use with caution if you are prone to depression and melancholy and stop using the remedy if you are sucked too deep into old trauma, can’t process pain or are overflowing with emotions. Take a break and continue taking the remedy when you are emotionally stable. Don't rush or force the process.

Image by Kyle Glenn

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

~ Carl Gustav Yung  

Plant Shadow

What Clients Say

Shadow has opened a whole world to me and it hasn’t been easy to face. Old patterns are resurfacing and I hope it is so that I can release them once and for all! Fear and sadness have been very present. So thankful for the flower essences that showed me the way!

-Linda Antonetti, Italy

What Is Dreamwork?

Dreamwork can be compared to diving into unchartered waters inside of your brain. It’s a process by which we can evoke, uncover, and interpret an entirely new part of our psyche. 


Each person has his or her own dream "language". Any given place, person, object or symbol can differ in its meaning from dreamer to dreamer and also from time to time in the dreamer's ongoing life situation.Through dream work, we can decipher and even recover from psychological or emotional distress.


This collection of products help you to enhance the dreaming phase of your sleep cycle, enhance your dialogue with your unconscious mind, assist in remembering dreams and, most importantly, help you understand your personal vocabulary of dream symbolism. 

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