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Self-Love and Assertiveness Skills are the Building Blocks of Your Psychological Health and Spirituality.

We seek love. We want to be loved and cherished and cared for. Yet we underestimate the importance of self-love and that we only receive as much love as we give to ourselves. So if we desire everlasting love, we must learn to love ourselves, because our relationships with others mirror our relationship with ourselves.

Like many on a spiritual path, you may be very good at compassion for others but have no idea what self-love means. Little by little, you learn that it starts with self-esteem and self-acceptance. Self-love is one step beyond that, bringing in compassion for self. These are all progressive stages and before you can practice self-love, you need to understand what it means.

Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. 

Self-love means:

  • Having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness. 

  • Taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. 

  • Not settling for less than you deserve.

Low self-esteem, a sense of "defectiveness" and unworthiness is a common experiences among those that had been mistreated in childhood and later in life. We often were so mistreated growing up, and many of us continue to be mistreated, that we are unable to love anyone unconditionally, including ourselves.

Worthiness is the quality of being good enough. One of those crazy things we do is measure ourselves against unrealistic expectations. We track how we are doing based on an expectation that we have embraced in our minds or seek validation by others. Trying to gauge our worthiness around very specific parameters and every person has their own set of checkboxes that they believe they need to tick to be worthy. ​

The topic of self-love, confidence and worthiness is a complex topic. I highly recommend to start here

and get familiar with the main ideas and terminology and work with Sacred Lotus Flower Elixir for the first month to evaluate your current issues. 

This collection of products assist with the issues of self-love and acceptance, build assertiveness skills, help to gain confidence and deal with issues around worthiness. 

Plant Shadow

What Clients Say

Anna's gorgeous flower essences worked on me with great gentleness, while at the same time making their presence felt right away in my feelings. My heart opened up, and I was able to experience movement of old, blocked emotions that had been with me for a long time.


The thing I'm most grateful for is that by the end of the three weeks that I was taking the essences and aromatherapies Anna suggested, I reconnected with an old dream from my youth, and have completely changed my life around to pursue it. I feel more excited about life and living and each new day than I have in a very long time. I'm not sure exactly how they work, but I know that Anna's flower essences & aromatherapy played a central role in this process of Grace.

Thank you Anna!

-Alan G., Monterrey, CA