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Meet, embrace & integrate the unknown part of yourself.

Benefits of Shadow Work

Shadow is a term in psychology that includes everything we can’t see in ourselves and any parts we disown and reject within us that eventually turn against us.


The shadow is a defense mechanism motivated by fear to keep you safe. Your Shadow represents the lost parts of yourself that you split out of and repressed from consciousness starting in early childhood because you believed them to be unacceptable

and unlovable.


Everyone has a shadow and each individual’s shadow has its own unique signature. You come to recognize and identify your Shadow by the situations that trigger it. Your triggers are emotionally loaded with your fears and are focused on past or future events.


Fear is the KEY emotion of your Shadow that shows up as resistance and struggling to what is happening in your life and around you. 


Why is Shadow and Shadow work important? Because your Shadow self operates on its own -  without your full conscious awareness and you cannot control your behavior, attitude, limiting beliefs and defensive mechanisms. It’s as if your conscious self goes on a complete autopilot while the unconscious takes full control. 


We go to great lengths to protect our self-image from anything unflattering or unfamiliar. Any part we disown within us turns against us. The personal shadow represents a collection of these disowned parts. Meeting the rejected and unwelcome parts of yourself is difficult but necessary if you wish to change. We tend to be ashamed of parts of us that we want to suppress, but despite all willpower this darker side of us creeps back and reveals itself every time we get triggered or go under severe stress.


Observing how you show gifts in one area of life while remaining unaware of poor behavior in other areas is a rewarding, yet challenging process called Shadow work. Exploring your Shadow leads to greater authenticity, creativity, energy, and incredible personal awakening.


Slick, elegant and convenient roller for an easy application at home or on-the-go sharing your adventures whenever life is taking you. 


Exploring the shadow, however, gives us tremendous opportunities for growth and development.


Improved Relationships: As you integrate your shadow and come to terms with your darker half, you see yourself more clearly. You become more grounded, human, and whole. When you can accept your own darker parts, it is easier to accept the shadow in others. As a result, other people’s behavior won’t trigger you as easily. You’ll also have an easier time communicating with others. You may notice an improvement in your relationships with your spouse, family members, friends, and business associates.


Clearer Perception: In seeing others and yourself as you are, you’ll have a cleaner lens with which to view the world. As you integrate your shadow, you approach your authentic self, which gives you a more realistic assessment of who you are. You won't perceive yourself as being too big (inflated) or too small (deflated). When you're self-aware, you can assess your environment with more accurately. You’ll see others and evaluate situations with greater clarity, compassion, and understanding.


Enhanced Energy and Physical Health. It is an energy draining work to constantly repress and suppress all of the parts of ourselves that we don’t want to face in our adulthood. Fatigue and lethargy can plague the unexamined life. Mental suppression can also lead to physical pain and disease. During Shadow work you set free a tremendous reservoir of energy you were unconsciously investing in protecting yourself. This improves your physical, mental, and emotional health. 


Psychological Integration and Maturity. As long as we deny our shadows and repress certain parts of ourselves, a sense of wholeness and unity cannot be achieved. How can we feel a sense of wholeness and balance with a divided mind? Integrating the shadow is a critical step to achieving maturity.


Greater Creativity. One of the greatest benefits of integrating your shadow is that it unlocks more of your creative potential.

Aromatic Ingredients

Moroccan Rose oil’s fragrant nectar and hypnotic lure are legendary been used for thousands of years for health and beauty and during times of stress, particularly while experiencing grief, and to soothe the anxiety associated with grief. Rose is a high vibrational spiritual oil with a frequency of 320 MHz. Physicians and healers have used it to help open the heart center and to strengthen the heart. It works miracles on balancing and charging the heart chakra energies. Rose otto is helpful in times of stress and grief as it can have a sedative quality to help soothe nerves, ease meltdowns from grief, encourage emotional recovery, and ease emotional withdrawal.


Elemi has a harmonizing effect, resulting in body, mind and spirit joined in harmony. It relieves stress, burnout, tones, stimulates vitality. Elemi encourages contentment, calm, soothing stillness, compassion and peace. This oil helps to unify the upper and lower chakras, and show us how to balance our spiritual lives with our worldly existence. Elemi is great for meditation, and visualization. When used with other modalities and tools (like crystals) it has been noted that deeply hidden emotions may arise. During meditation, elemi oil does not act as a hypnotic, and gives a sense of deep physical and spiritual peace, a sense of peace and strength.


Cypress offers great direction, helps connection with the wisdom of the universe. It empathizes with suffering and is helpful in for moving on. Considered a symbol for life after death it was burnt to cleanse the atmosphere and has been used since ancient times for ritual cleansing and to promote health. Cypress essential oil’s effect upon our human energy system is decidedly Yang. It has an ability to stabilize, give direction and purpose during times of confusion and has a reputation for strengthening the heart energies.


Spikenard is an ideal meditation oil and has traditionally been used in incense formulas for spiritual enhancement. Psycho-emotionally, Spikenard promotes emotional healing. It may be useful for releasing old fears and anxiety stemming from past trauma. Spikenard is considered a spiritual aid for contemplation and clarity of mind. It was the aromatic oil in the foot balm that Mary Magdalene used to anoint Jesus's feet in the New Testament.


Patchouli is used for relieving feelings of emptiness or emotional disconnection – when you’re feeling disconnected from yourself or your community. Patchouli helps people become fully present in their physical body, tempers obsessive personality traits by bringing us ‘down’ to reality, and teaches us to stay grounded in the present moment rather than stress about things that are beyond our control. Patchouli helps calm fears and nervous tension, stilling the heart and mind to prepare them for a greater union between the body and soul.


Patchouli helps release patterns of shame or ‘not being enough’ about our bodies, and enables us to feel more love and acceptance towards our physical self. It does this by acting as a grounding support, helping to reconnect with and settle into one’s body. It is primarily used to align the heart chakra with the root and sacral chakras. Patchouli does this by releasing obsessions, insecurities and jealousies and enhancing our desire to live a fuller life.


Opoponax, also known as sweet Myrrh or opobalsam, is a precious sacred resin that energetically connects an embodied experience with higher planes of consciousness. It belongs to the family of sacred scents that facilitate spiritual development. The Opoponax scent is emotionally balancing, expansive and grounding.

Nagarmotha is an element of the ancient art of Vashikarna, a ritual rooted in magic that is meant to bring long-lasting love to the person whose forehead is anointed by the oil. It is also used to help strengthen hair by improving the health of the scalp. It is used for meditation, as its nature-infused aroma is both soothing and grounding, good for finding peace, serenity, and relaxation during a meditation session or a sense of calm after a frenetic day at work.


Labdanum/Cistus oil is called a Master of Shadow and is used to help deal with a range of emotional and mental issues. It is known to relieve stress, to exert calm and tranquility on the mind, and to effectively deal with anger and mood swings. Earthy, green, and woody, its complexity is one of the reason for Labdanum's strong affect on the subconscious with its grounding, warming, and sensual aromatherapeutic actions.


Pink Lotus is a sacred flower symbolizing the sun and creation, thereby possessing regenerative powers; it was often depicted in the hieroglyphics and art of Upper Egypt, and is a scared flower in Hinduism and Buddhism. The lotus flower is revered or its ability to rise from the dirty, murky waters to bloom into a beautiful unstained pure flower. This process symbolize attaining enlightenment. Pink Lotus is a wonderful oil to use during times of stress; it gives comfort, support and peace, is hypnotic and magical.

Healing Crystal

Every Shadow roll-on bottle comes with a chip of a Snowflake Obsidian. Snowflake Obsidian integrates our shadow aspects as it helps draw emotions to the surface – stuck or blocked emotions can flow free and be released. We will never be free of our wounds if we don’t bring them to the surface. This can be frightening, but whatever it is, you already lived through it. Do yourself a favor and let it go.

Power Animal

Owl symbolizes the feminine, the moon and the night and the link between the dark, unseen world and the world of light. It is a bird of magic and darkness, of prophecy, wisdom and dreamwork. As humans we are able to block out that which we don’t want to remember or deal with: memories with negative emotions attached to them, traumas, and accidents. We deny that about ourselves which we do not wish to see. When dreaming, sometimes our unconscious mind becomes conscious. Call for owl’s guidance, assistance and help to gain wisdom, to see behind the masks, to discover what truly lies below the surface and to gain comfort in working with a shadow self.

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