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Cultivate deep, intimate connections with trust, vulnerability, and passion

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Overcome Fears, Shame and Insecurities in Intimate Relationships. 

Do you isolate yourself from other people?

Struggle with low self-esteem?

Have a hard time staying present during sex?

Avoid letting people get to know you? 

Seeking open, warm, fulfilling relationships but keep holding yourself back out of fear of rejection or betrayal? 

Have troubles connecting on a deep emotional level and to speak intimately with your partner?

Intimacy is a choice to open yourself up to others and share who you are and your experiences so that you can create lasting, strong connections. When you put yourself out there and have that trust returned, you develop intimacy.

It's time to come out of your protective shell. Allow the past to be past and move into the present moment. Moving away from your protective shell means allowing your true heart to shine and also allowing others in - on a deeper level than you have been able to allow before. 


Connecting with other fellow humans is essential. You may miss the warmth of human touch and hug, but there is a deeper state of withdrawal and isolation, accompanied by the fear to trust, ask for help, share openly what's on your heart and mind, and courageously show up in your vulnerability. 


How easy is it for you to express your feelings? Intimacy is often confused with sex, but in actuality it involves feeling deeply emotionally connected with another person and a desire to be deeply known. Intimacy is a close familiarity, closeness, and open heartedness on an emotional level, besides the more popular intimate physical and sexual relationship. The resistance to connect openly and intimately stems from old experiences of being silenced, ignored, laughed at, shamed, rejected, betrayed, or humiliated. 


How comfortable are you in your body and what is your attitude towards sexual energy, sexuality and sex in general? Is there any shame? Shame is a negative and disturbing emotional experience involving feelings of self-condemnation and the desire to hide the “damaged” self from others. Many of us, especially women, have shame around our feminine body and sexuality. In many cultures, sexual behavior is associated with shame, especially sexual behavior that violates social taboos. Shame is haunting the victims of the sexual abuse. 


This collection addresses various aspects of intimacy, sense of connection and belonging, releasing the codependency, toxic shame and disgust around the body, sexuality and sensuality and prepares you for the most warm, intimate and fulfilling relationship you thought ever possible.

Image by Daria Gordova

Intimacy is a totally different dimension.
It is allowing the other to come into you, to see you as you see yourself.

~ Osho  

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