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Let it go. Set yourself free from unreleased emotions and trapped memories.

The Power to Release

We walk through life carrying the heavy baggage of unresolved issues, unhealed emotional wounds, and repressed emotions that are kept in our conscious and subconscious mind. This emotional debris can weigh us down, keep us stuck in the loop of destructive behavior patterns, or show up in the body as chronic pains, aches, or dis-eases.


Emotional pain is as real as physical and can be far more damaging. Long-held resentments, anger, bitterness, hurt, fear, guilt, and shame, all play their role in debilitating one’s energy, and may lead to nightmares, insomnia, difficulty with relationships, emotional outbursts. Physical symptoms include nausea, dizziness, altered sleep patterns, changes in appetite, headaches, gastrointestinal, immunological, and blood circulation problems. Psychological symptoms include depression, anxiety, dissociative disorders, and substance abuse problems.


Slick, elegant and convenient roller for an easy application at home or on-the-go sharing your adventures whenever life is taking you. 


Emotions that are repressed, ignored, or that never found expression, or were never fully acknowledged, are the deepest ones and need the greatest attention. Repression often happens because we were taught to put other people’s feelings first, feeling responsible to make others happy. We begin to feel unworthy of love, we feel that we must appear perfect, and too often we imitate how our parents repressed their emotions at times of conflict. Whatever the reason, every time we ‘swallow’ our feelings, we are potentially sending them to repression or denial. But they will find a way out through our body or our behavior.


If you want to live a deeply fulfilling life, you have to learn to face your pain and acknowledge your emotions. Ignoring your pain will only make it worse over time. Only by staring it in the face, and really dealing with it, can you find the richness, beauty, and joy that comes with true freedom: "To feel is to heal."

Release blend is formulated as a healing tool and has its own healing potency. But it can bring extra dimension when used in complex with other healing modalities such as in-depth self-development inner work, journaling, psychotherapy, therapy programs for emotional release, yoga, massage, and/or energy work.

When to Use Release Blend?

  • When you feel tension, blockage, pain, or discomfort – tightness in the chest or in the stomach/solar plexus area, the knot in the throat, shoulder, neck pain or lower back pain, joint or tooth pain.

  • At first signs of a cold and flu, and during and after the illness.

  • When you feel extremely emotional or wired by rage, deep sadness or depression, toxic shame.

  • When you experience negative memories.

  • When it’s challenging to let go of relationships.

  • As an immediate response to a traumatic situation or a conflict.

  • After physical or environmental trauma: accidents, illness, experiencing an earthquake or other natural disasters – such events affect the body’s structure, causing blockages, stresses, and tensions.

  • Emotional trauma such as leaving home, changing your job, loss of a loved one.

  • Vibrational trauma – this can come when the electromagnetic patterns were surrounding us change or our aura gets disturbed by outside factors. Our etheric state has a direct effect on our mind and body.

Image by Toa Heftiba

Aromatic Ingredients

Rose Otto was used for thousands of years for health and beauty and during times of stress, particularly while experiencing grief, to soothe anxiety. Rose is high vibrational spiritual oil with a frequency of 320 MHz. Physicians and healers have used it to help open the heart center and strengthen the heart, balancing and charging heart chakra energies almost miraculously. Rose otto is helpful in times of stress and grief as it can have a sedative quality to help soothe nerves, ease meltdowns from grief, encourage emotional recovery, and ease cases of emotional withdrawal.


Helichrysum, the beautiful and powerful Immortelle also known as Everlasting, helps us transform the wounds that come through from our ancestral stories. Its earthiness and connection to the feminine brings us into our body’s wisdom, the place where cellular information is stored. Helichrysum is the balm that soothes the pain of the unconscious forces as they come into the light and touch our souls. Its wound healing properties bring disconnected parts of ourselves back together to be held at a central point of alignment. This is ideal when identifying and incorporating trans-generational trauma. Helichrysum helps clear the fears that block feeling and opening.


Helicrysum brings persistence, endurance and courage, enabling the path ahead to be clearer. It brings awareness of the dangers and pitfalls of life.

Bergamot is known for its healing effects on physiological distress. Use it when you’re feeling sad or overwhelmed and need to find balance. Bergamot is uplifting, has natural anti-depressant properties, and helps one to relax and regain self-confidence. It helps do the work necessary to step out of one’s fears of not being good enough, and habits of holding back for fear of rejection. It instills validation within, allowing us to accept our own authenticity, and not worry about the opinions of others. It also helps us in processing and releasing fear, blame, the need for approval, toxic shame, and emotional anguish. Bergamot may also relieve feelings of incompetence, inadequacy, or worthlessness by helping us step into our own confidence and empowerment.



Frankincense is soothing and balsamic – on both physical and spiritual levels. Frankincense eases the mind when troubled by thoughts of mundane regret and worries. Its fresh balsamic-woody aroma supports the respiratory system (emotionally and physically), helping with asthma, wheezing and seasonal allergies, as well as grief and sadness that often accompany imbalances of the Lung meridian organ energetics.


In addition to alleviating and eliminating depression, Frankincense is known as the ‘Oil of Truth,’ revealing deceptiveness and false truths. It invites the individual to let go of lower vibrations, insults, and negativity. This oil helps create new perspectives based on integrity and enlightenment.


Frankincense is a powerful cleanser of the spirit. It assists in removing malevolent energies, allowing a person to open to enlightenment. It addresses emotions of abandonment and spiritual disconnectedness.


Frangipani’s fragrance feels like a powerful infusion of love straight from the Higher Realms and is an incredible source of inner peace, positivity, and self-confidence. Frangipani is known to attract love and lift the spirit. This oil is truly transformative and is recommended for anybody that has just suffered a loss, or anyone going through a difficult time.


Rosemary assists in coping with emotional pressure and transitions, and in fighting self-sabotage. It helps people during times of confusion and difficulty, even willful ignorance or a lack of wanting to deal with a situation for fear that it is too much to handle.

Juniper Berry has an encouraging and supportive effect on those who fear the dark or obscure part of themselves. It helps us understand that the very things we fear are actually there as teachers. It particularly helps those who have a resistance to the type of digging deep that is required for healing. Rather than running away or hiding from the unknown, Juniper helps an individual dig deeper and learn from fear. These fears are often residing in unexplored parts of the Self and Juniper Berry comes in as a catalyst to access these deep-seated fears inside of us. The Old Testament references the Juniper Tree as the broom tree and was known to cleanse, purify and eliminate what is not true.


Myrrh nurtures the soul’s relationship with its maternal mother and with the earth and offers great support during a breakdown related to the mother-child bond. When this bond has been broken apart, the soul may loose its childlike ability to trust. Feelings of trust are replaced with feelings of fear and a belief that the world is unsafe. Myrrh can help bridge the gap created and heal the disturbance. Its balsamic aroma assists in releasing past trauma associated with wounds and scars. It is purifying, restorative, revitalizing, and uplifting. This healing oil has high content of sesquiterpenes, a class of compounds that have a direct effect on the pituitary, hypothalamus, and amygdala –the seats of our emotions.

Power Animal

Dolphins are associated with the power of breath, the element of water and emotional release, which are deeply connected. One of the most important factors in spiritual growth is the ability to give ourselves the freedom of full experiencing our feelings and emotions. Often, the so called ‘negative’ emotions such as sadness, pain, anger, grief are suppressed and we don’t want them. We try to stay apart from them. Dolphin teaches how to enter the waters of life and with breath and sound call forth what you most need or truly desire. Dolphins have a wise, innocent, purity of being which reaches out to our inner nature. Call upon Dolphin and follow its lead and open yourself to the energy of love, harmony and balance. Express your inner truth, follow your inner joy and remain true to yourself. Dolphin will teach you to go back to your roots, to the depths of your being and rediscover the Love that you truly are.

Crystals & Gemstonesnes

Every Release roll-on bottle comes with a chip of a Smokey Quartz. This powerful crystal helps you to let go of old patterns and belief systems that are holding you back from achieving your full potential. It helps to release the blocked, old and stagnant energy in the body. Once all of the old energy is removed, new energy is able to fill all the open space with light and hope.

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