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Natural remedies to support the auspicious time of intense transformation.

The first method of healing is to cure the spirit; the second is
to give knowledge of how to restore the body.

~ Nei Ching

Eclipse Portal: Re-evaluation of Personal and Collective Values and Patterns

Eclipses are extraordinary changemakers, and if we catch the wave, it can push us forward in the direction we wish to proceed and goals we want to achieve.


The prime time of the year for diagnostics work for your karmic hangups.⁠ 


In the weeks between eclipses, there's a BIG opportunity for receiving insights, gaining clarity, and re-evaluating how you as an infinite spiritual being in physical form navigate everything in the material world and your spiritual and emotional life. 


Situations that trigger you will show up, old wounds will open, patterns will be revealed. For only one purpose: HEALING. 

Your task is to watch and observe from a neutral state and do your spiritual work, g
et help and receive support whenever needed. It is time to observe, take notes, release, heal, and upgrade to the new state of consciousness. If you have been slacking off on your spiritual practice, now is the time to get back to it.

Read my article and learn more about your Natal Chart, your North Node and what eclipses have to do with revealing your Soul Purpose.

For your convenience, there is an Eclipse Portal Support collection of products that can assist you in this challenging but exciting time.


How to work with the Eclipse Support Collection

Begin with an honest evaluation of your current physical and emotional state and ask yourself: what do I need now? A deep dive in to unknown to dig up dirt and clutter that needs to go? Or nurturing, loving care and help with processing and releasing? Or both? 


Sacred Lotus helps you to connect with your Inner Child and develop profound self-awareness of your emotions, violations of your boundaries, behavior patterns (your own and of those around you) and deeper understanding of what you want, what you don't want, how you treat yourself and how others are treating you. SEE THE TRUTH and admit what is not acceptable for you any longer.


Heart Opener is the remedy for grief, healing of the broken heart, forgiveness, softening your Inner Feminine and opening heart for Love, while strengthening you Inner Masculine as a powerful protection of healthy boundaries.


Lion's Heart means "stay in your power!". This is one of Maitri Verde's signature remedies to help you face any challenges of the world, speak your truth, establish your boundaries and re-integrate yourself after a profound transformation or a deep healing.


Shadow flower essence elixir is a very strong remedy to work on your Shadow: your fragmented self, the rejected and hidden part of your psyche that resides in your unconscious. It is crucial to do Shadow work to understand the deep layers and root causes of your insecurities, limiting believes and unrealized potential. Only by becoming whole and reclaiming unknown and rejected fragments go self, you can become WHOLE and realize your full potential.

NOTE: Shadow work is a deep psychological work that needs to be done with the support of a trained counselor, psychologist or a practitioner trained to process trauma and do Shadow work.

The deep healing Eclipse Support Collection is an important companion in your healing a transformation.

True Self Love Aroma is a signature aroma formula of Maitri Verde that pairs well with Sacred Lotus and Shadow to help you learn and accept EVERY aspect of yourself, both light and dark. Because this IS the ultimate goal of healing - through knowing, understanding, accepting every aspect of yourself and only then transforming what no longer serves you. Don't think it's possible? Try Maitri aroma, with 10 minutes of Maitri meditation a day and practice for a year. Then re-evaluate your belief ;)

Release Aroma pairs greatly with the Heart Opener and helps to process and release the trauma, painful memories and unprocessed emotions away and out of your body. It can be also applied over the chairs to balance them and over the areas of tension, acute and chronic pains in your body that are usually the seeds of stress and unprocessed emotions.

The main task of the Shadow Aroma assists in digging up deep seated trauma from your subconious and cellular memory as we relax the body into a trusting, meditative, receiving state. Some essential oils in the formula help in analytical work and understanding of visions and memories, while others assist in healing and stabilizing you in the new consciousness. Pairs great with Sacred Lotus and Shadow Flower Essence Elixir AND counseling/psychotherapy work.

Keep your aura and space crystal clear.

We pick a lot from our environment and from people we communicate with, even through phone or Zoom meetings. It is essential to clear your aura and living space regularly after you communicate with others and from your own emotions of anger, grief, anxiety and fear. Spray Energy Shield liberally around yourself and your living space, clear your sacred space before a yoga practice, meditation and altar work.

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