Natal Chart, Eclipses and Your Soul Purpose

You probably wonder why I make such a fuss around the eclipse portal and why in general, I pay so much attention to astrology, planets, and their influence on plants and us?

Maybe you are not so keen on astrology or don't trust it. But for the longest time, astrology, astronomy, and medicine were inseparable. All three disciplines were part of mandatory training to be a physician from ancient Greece until the 19th century. And I am not even touching Ancient Egypt - the cradle of civilizations with incredibly developed schools of science, alchemy, and magic. All three were intertwined and multiplied by advanced spirituality and practices like yoga and aromatherapy.

But back to astrology. You are probably familiar with the basic principles of astrology and your natal chart.

Astrology is an ancient language that utilizes planetary bodies, zodiac signs, and houses to communicate a unique cosmic signature known as your