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The Most Powerful Healing Event of My Life with Elicia and Doug Miller

On Sunday, November 25th of 2018 I had an 8 hour Private Healing Immersion with Doug and Elicia Miller. This date will be forever marked in a calendar as my second birthday. It was a powerful and magical experience supported by the diverse and intuitive experiential processes and the Costa Rican jungle. In this incredible session we combined multiple techniques such as Gestalt, Psychomotor, Dream Work, Psychodynamic, Psychodrama, Transpersonal, Shamanic, Cognitive, Bioenergetic Body Work, Reiki, Inner-Child Healing, Regression with Maitri Verde’s Flower Essences and True Self Psycho-Aromatherapy Oil Blends.

Getting a healing session with Elicia and Doug was the greatest gift I could give to myself. I did not know what expect and what I received exceeded any possible expectations. During the exercises I was able to clearly see the dynamics in my family, how they were messing with me, denying me love and support, and suppressing my individuality. They infused me with fear when I was a little child, but in reality, they were afraid of me, my power and my gifts. I was able to see my parents, grandparents, and romantic partner for who they truly are - that allowed me to take them off the pedestal, overcome the fear and hypnotizing influence they had on me, and stop defending and find excuses for them.

At first I couldn’t even get angry at them despite all the traumatic memories that I just shared, and when I finally was able to scream out my stored pain and anger, my goodness - that was a relief! I screamed out the anger and cried out my grief, sadness, and pain that I inherited from other hurt women in my family lineage. The relief I felt was immediate - like a foreign object was taken out of my stomach, liver, and lower back. And for the first time in my life I felt truly loved and supported - by Elicia and Doug - they held me and held the safe space around me so I could completely fall apart, taken over by my emotions. And as soon as I connected to my emotions they revealed to me the true story and memories that were buried deeply in my subconscious.

My favorite part was going back into the womb and discovering how much of the sufferings, conditionings, insecurities, and pain I absorbed without even being born. I cleared up that mess and was able to be born for this world the second time - pure, innocent, powerful, loved, and welcomed!

Since being re-born I feel that mountains shifted for me - I am fascinated by my own self and feel like I am in love! And the outer reality shifted as well - my mother and my romantic partner (that I dumped immediately) both backed off on trying to control me and now talk to me with a weaker voice as if they are afraid of me.

The magic of the event revealed very next morning after the immersion when I received a business offer of my dream and have met my soulmate! I stepped into a new chapter of my life - learning not to hold myself back, to receive love and give from the heart, how to put my needs first and how everyone around benefit from my happiness.

I am using the flower essences and essential oils daily - they are part of my self-care routine and rituals to stay focused on my path and not to be sidetracked by other people’s drama and influences on me.

I was taking my Sacred Lotus flower essence for a month before the session - to connect deeply with my Higher Self, to open my heart and mind to receive the healing as fully as possible.

In 2018 I completed and released the whole line of psycho-aromatherapy that I called True Self based on my own healing journey, knowing what kind of support the person on a similar healing journey might need. The six formulas support with what is needed most at the moment: Release, Happiness, Confidence, Maitri (Self Love), Tranquility, and Shadow.

Before the Immersion, I felt a craving for the smell of my Release blend and applied it to support with me during the session. The Helichrysum, Rose, Frangipani, Frankincense essential oils are old and dear friends that are always ready to cradle and comfort you, heal the wounds and give love.

The morning after the immersion I was so empowered and strong that I felt an urge to protect and nourish this newly discovered state. I formulated and put together a flower essence blend that I called Lion's Heart. Together with the Confidence and Maitri (Self-Love), the Lion's Heart came so handy when I had to face the outside world together with people that I now know are toxic and damaging to me. They gave me courage to stay in the power I just embraced, to guard my boundaries fiercely, and to continue seeing the narcissists for who they are, while keeping my heart widely open for giving and receiving true Love.

The results of my session were so incredible that the three of us came to a conclusion that our healing techniques and tools perfectly compliment each other. I created the Emotional Healing Shop section of my website and put together two kits: Heal Your Wounded Inner Child and Inner Child Support Kit.

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