Healing Ancestral Trauma: Release The Pains, Unwrap The Gifts

You probably have heard that Fall and especially the month of October is a time of ancestral work. That is true because the veil is thin. In a time of Halloween, Samhain, the Day of the Dead, All Soul's day—whatever it is called in your culture or on the land where you live in the time of the year when we hear people saying 'The veil is thinner.' The veil is the barrier or doorway between the different worlds, the seen and the unseen, the living and the dead, the body and spirit, time and timelessness. 

We, humans, are more receptive to the world of Spirits, feel their presence, connect with them through our memories, sudden triggers of fears and insecurities, or on the contrary, discover dormant powers of resilience, allowing us to withstand the curveballs of destiny.

Our ancestors, our bloodline is very important. Western society diminished the importance of the Elderly, of the Crons, forgot respect for their wisdom and life experience. But all the indigenous cultures around the globe saw ancestors as allies that can teach us, protect, and be our guides in life. 

I recently bumped into a very curious Ancestral Mathematics. In order for you to be born, you needed: