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Joshua Tree: Unique Ability To Heal Generational Trauma

The topic of healing and teaching people how to realize their full potential is my life's mission. This big WHY keeps me going and beaming into your hearts, minds, and emails. Healing has multiple layers and cycles. I had been healing my inner child for years when I got to the point that I could finally hear the voices in my head that guide, direct, criticize, and limit me. Those voices were not mine. Some were my school teachers, but most came from my family: parents, grandparents, and more distant ancestors. The new chapter of healing began that involves healing my bloodline.

This is me working with Joshua Tree in 2021 and establishing connection before I make the flower essence.

As you know, our inheritance is not limited to just physical traits passed down through genetics. It also encompasses cultural and psychological patterns transferred through the psychic connections that bind us to our family lineage. All those criticizing voices and limiting beliefs from past generations still suffocate our individuality, clipping the wings of freedom to be who we want to be.

For instance, continuing patterns such as addiction, abuse, discrimination, violence, mental health issues, and the lingering effects of past traumas like war or disasters can echo through numerous generations, persisting even when the original experiences have vanished into history. As William Faulkner wisely noted: "The past is never dead. It isn't even past."

In other words, if your grandma thought that you couldn't make money out of thin air but only through hard labor and sweat - you will have blockages around allowing yourself to receive "easy" money like successful investment or winning the lottery. Or if grandpa went through starvation and, in the worst case, a concentration camp - you may have issues of scarcity, anxiety, and even eating disorders. We can be born with patterns from unhealed phobias/reactions, that have carried through our lineages, or taught and conditioned to think, act, and respond according to social norms of the past. Family stories live in us as family or cultural patterns of dysfunction, such as alcoholism, addiction, depression, violence or hereditary illnesses until we notice and change them.

As always, I bring you one of the methods to address generational healing - through plant remedies: flower essence therapy and aromatherapy.

Flower essences are a unique holistic approach to support your soul transformation and emotional well-being. They are made by infusing the energy or essence of specific flowers into water, capturing the vibrational qualities of the flowers rather than their physical components. Flower essences are based on the idea that a flower's energetic or vibrational signature can interact with your energy and emotions, promoting balance and transformation at a deep level.

Flower Essence Society of California, my alma mater, had been conducting research and collecting case studies for close to fifty years now. And Joshua Tree flower essence, in particular, is recognized worldwide by flower essence practitioners for its potential to heal the deep-seated trauma embedded in our family and ethnic heritage.

The essence of Joshua Tree is a catalyst for healing, helping us to understand these generational influences, capture the lessons they offer, and form a path toward our own life. Let's take a look at the plan't unique signature and what it signifies.

The Joshua Tree, scientifically known as Yucca brevifolia, is found in the arid Southwestern United States. A yucca plant is technically not a tree. It belongs to the Agavaceae family, although it is often colloquially called a "yucca tree" due to its tree-like appearance.

When a flower blossoms at the end of a branch, the growth stops in that direction, stimulating fresh growth in another direction. Over time, this leads to intricate and complex shapes (as on the photo below) and these unique formations can survive for centuries. One could say that the very structure of the Joshua Tree mirrors its history, analogous to a living "family tree."

Once flowers appear on a branch, it can no longer continue growing. The plant must seek an entirely new direction. This unique flowering pattern is the central distinctive feature of the Joshua Tree.

Furthermore, in its initial decades, the plant primarily grows as a "stem" with delicate leaves, sheltered by a protective "nurse plant." The Joshua Tree holds back its flowering impulse for many years until a certain level of "hardness" and maturity is achieved. The flowers are sweet and fragrant, but their "softness" holds an exceptional force and strength from the plant, as it now has to orient in an entirely new direction. The Joshua Tree develops its striking shape and individual expression with these transformations.

This same dynamic is true for our human soul. We are not born as isolated individuals. Instead, we emerge from the cultural mixture of our family, race, community, and nation. Only gradually do we find the strength to create from our own center and within our unique expression of individuality. This process involves integrating your family history while firmly creating your soul's independent future.

Joshua Trees have life spans approaching half a millennium or more. The elder trees reveal a remarkable history of how the tree has grown. Each branch's end represents a past flowering culmination. Each twist and turn a new direction once taken. The past is ever-present, yet the future potential remains for another new initiative and a new beginning.

The path to your soul freedom and enlightenment involves awakening to your unique individuality and making choices untethered by the past. Through this freedom, the soul gains a compassionate understanding and heals, surpassing its involvement in the residue of generational karma.

This is the profound gift of the Joshua Tree Flower Essence - helping your soul break free from the past and create their own unique destiny.

My first acquaintance with this peculiar spiky giant happened on my way to Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in 2021. Soon after I was invited to join my friends in Joshua Tree National Park where I established deeper relationship with those magnificent healers and started dreaming about making its flower essence. You see, the plants usually appear in my life in response to the most needed healing at that moment. That was an initiation into ancestral healing and a deep dive into healing generational trauma for me. It became a norm for me to go through the healing initiation in order to learn the practices and right plant healers for the occasion so I can offer it back to the world when it needs it.

My dream and intention came true. I went back to Yucca Valley in March of 2022 and made a beautiful flower essence of the Joshua Tree climbing the ladder under the coldest spring desert wind and getting occasional cuts from my spiky flower host.

My Joshua Tree flower essence is available as individual flower essence. It is also included in Shadow Flower Elixir formula that can be purchased individually or as part of the Ancestral Healing kit.

Don't forget to visit the Ancestral Healing portal where you can find guidance and recorded practices to deepen your healing journey.

As you take the Joshua Tree flower essence, repeat this affirmation:

I embrace the healing power of my ancestors' love and wisdom, and I release the pain of the past. I am a vessel of ancestral healing and transformation. I carry forward the strength and resilience of those who came before me. I am breaking free from generational patterns that no longer serve, creating a brighter future for myself and my descendants. With gratitude, I honor my ancestral lineage and the healing journey we undertake together.

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