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Did you have a transformational healing experience?

Feeling as a new person but cannot settle into a new identity and adjust old habits?

Having trouble forgiving, switching out of victim mode and taking responsibility for your life?


Integration Flower Essence Elixir was created to help you leave the Victim mode and fully step into your mature Adult True Self. Forgive, let go of the past, spread your wings and fly into a new chapter as a renewed individual. Integration is an important part of the healing journey, especially working with Wounded Inner Child, healing ancestral and transgenerational trauma and shadow work. After a big break-through - pause, spend some time with yourself and fully integrate what you just healed and anchor into a person you became.


A powerful synergy of Andara Crystal and Libyan Desert Glass Gem Elixirs with Flower Essences of California Peony, Star Tulip, Echinacea, Columbine, Willow, California Wild Rose and Zinnia assist with the following:


  • Take full responsibility for your power and money.

  • Understand your healing process, by enhancing personal intuition and self-awareness

  • Re-parenting your Core Self, re-building self-esteem and dignity, transition from old traumatized self-image to the new, fully-integrated person.

  • Radiantly express of your unique creativity and inspiration

  • Accept, forgive and take responsibility for your life situation,accept the pain of childhood, moving beyond the victim role to fully engaged adult role.

  • Reclaime authentic Inner Child, laughter, playfulness and light-heartedness.

Integration Flower Elixir

  • Stock strength bottle, 30mL (1 fl oz)

    Homeopathic remedy.

    Note: Contains 20% of volume of 40% vol alcohol.

    Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or breast-feeding: ask a healthcare professional before use.


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