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Psychologycal Benefits Behind The New Moon Wishing

For hundreds of years, tradition and folklore have declared that each Moon phase is ‘good’ for performing certain activities. In 1967, American writer Dane Rudhyar published a seminal book called The Lunation Cycle, in which he explored the idea that the relationship of the Sun and the Moon in our birth chart is a big key to understanding our personality. It’s a great book if you want to be a hardcore Moon manifestor or simply understand the concept better.

New Moon is (arguably) the most exciting part of the lunar cycle. It might feel like a quiet time when things are brewing, but in fact, it’s when you start to manifest your dreams – or not. This is a time to look forward to; to plan for; to make time for. Creation takes time.

At the time of the New Moon, ideas are coming from the Unconscious and we must decide which of them we want to latch onto. And remember that anything is possible. This is the time to think about what you do want, and not think about what you don’t want. Meditate on your dreams. That will allow you to tune in to your higher self, so you have all the guidance you need to move towards them.

Essentially, New Moon manifesting reminds us to get clear on our dreams and goals once a month – and write them down or draw them. I call this process “making my New Moon wishes”, but if “making wishes” sounds too "new-age", you can say “setting intentions” – which does sound more adult and businesslike.

First of all, a wish is a feeling or an expression of desire that is accompanied by a strong desire or an intense hope for something to happen that may appear to be impossible. Wishes are like the seeds of dreams and ideas that will grow into goals and plans.

You can check the dates and time (in your Time Zone) of all important moon phases of the year here:

Though the first eight hours of the actual New Moon are the most powerful, technically the New Moon period lasts three days.

When you take a pen and write down your wishes during this powerful period you are telling the Universe: "Well, I am in charge. This is my life and I am going to be happy." At the moment you are taking responsibility and CONSCIOUSLY decide to HAVE things you want in your life, the power shifts, and the game changes. The only reason you don't already have things you want is that up until now your life was dictated by your subconscious mind. And your subconsciousness is like a huge library of negative tapes from your past lives, early childhood, and the society, all those voices that keep saying "You can't have it." "You are not worthy". "You don't deserve to have that". "You can't have this AND that". This is what is dictating your current life. So grab the pencil and use your power to release these limiting beliefs from the subconscious. Create the life you truly want to live!

Writing slows down your thought process, helps to calm down the "monkey mind" and focuses on the subject of your intentional writing.

On top of setting intention/manifesting with the New Moon, you are taking a benefit of the so-called celestial energies. There is nothing you have to do - the celestial energies are already there. The trick is to know when to catch the right combination of planetary influences. New Moon is the easiest one, to start with. Every New Moon of the year falls into one of the zodiac signs acquiring a certain ‘flavor’ as it takes on the qualities of the sign. Every New Moon has its own “specialty”, a theme with a set of characteristics, aspects of your life and part of the body ruled by the sign. You can work on aspects of your life as you move through the lunar year until you complete the full cycle.

Next year, the new cycle will begin, allowing an opportunity to re-do the inventory of all aspects of your life as you move through the year and adjust your healing work and intentions based on achieved progress.

You can always check what sign the moon is currently in on:

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