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Practice: I am Grounded in the Present Moment, The Past Has No Power Over Me

Before you begin, you can choose one of True Self aroma formulas to inhale or anoint yourself that is needed most at this moment. Maitri is the one to connect you to Higher Self, bring love and warmth into your heart center. Confidence is great for grounding and to boost self-esteem, Happiness is cheering and uplifting, while Release assists with bringing to the surface and releasing painful sensations and strong emotions for release and transformation. Inhale or anoint yourself with the scent of your choice.

The high-frequency essential oils that are components of True Self formulas will override your current brain activity and reinforce the statement that you are about to make. Essential oils will reach the amygdala, a gland in your brain that plays a major role in storing and releasing emotional trauma. The most effective way to stimulate this gland is with fragrance or smell to awaken and release these memories for healing.

To begin the practice, sit or stand comfortably and bring your attention in by closing your eyes and listening to the quietest sound in the room.

Focus on a space behind your eyes and between your ears. Take a couple of deep conscious breaths until you feel grounded, fully present without destructive thoughts and aware of your body in space.

Say out loud:

I am (your full name, age). It is (today's date). I live in (town, country). I am who I am today. I am not who I was in the past, and the past has no power over me. The circumstances changed, I grew-up and changed. I have wisdom and experience now. I am strong, powerful and I am at the driver's seat now. I am in charge of choices that I make now.

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