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What is Behind Maitri Verde?

Maitri Verde was born in May 2016 in Montezuma, a small and charming Costa Rican village, that attracts flocks of surfers and backpackers, yogis and free-spirits from around the world. What is so special about this enchanted place? Yes, I said enchanted, because those who come visit, stay longer or even forever too often to ignore the phenomena. I know for sure what happened to me - I came on vacation once and was hypnotized by the nature and very special local vibe. It kept calling me back in my day and night dreams, until a year later I surrendered and started a new chapter in my life journey by moving to Costa Rica.

The energy of the ocean and tropical rainforest are extremely powerful. They turn you inside out and make you see the naked truth about yourself, stripping off all the lies, masks and protective shields that you created around your personality for years. One minute It sends you the warmth of sunlight and the next second it knocks you off your feet and twirls you in the coastal wave. As a yogini I was on the path of serving others and constantly was asking myself if I am contributing enough to make a positive change in the world. In May of 2016 my world turned upside down when I have heard my own inner voice saying: "Put on your own oxygen mask before helping those around you”. The buddhist concept of “maitri" - the loving-kindness and unconditional friendliness to oneself - became my moto and gave name to the newly born company.

Self-alienation rooted deeply in the Western society, and we need to learn to befriend and treat ourselves with the same loving kindness, forgiveness, and understanding that we so generously give to those we love.

Maitri Verde was created to help anyone achieve the ultimate health of the body, peace of mind and connection with one's soul by using pure natural ingredients, individually created blends, vibrational healing modalities and ancient knowledge and practices. I want to share with anyone how to understand yourself, acknowledge your needs, embrace your emotions, understand the cause and effects of what shows up as a dis-ease and navigate the life with confidence.

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