Cognac: Sacred Ingredient Beyond Preservation

Traditionally, flower essences are preserved with brandy - a spirit produced by distilling wine, which contains 35–60% alcohol by volume (70–120 US proof). Alcohol is a generic a strong preservative, giving almost infinite shelf-life to the flower essence.

At Maitri Verde we believe that God is in the Detail. Instead of using traditional brandy to preserve mother essences, we use high quality cognac, adding its medicinal and vibrational properties to the potency of the flower essences.

Cognac is one of the finest drinks when it comes to your health. There is a reason it is also called “eau de vie” or “the live water.” Nearly all Cognac is made of the grape variety called Ugni Blanc (Trebbiano). Only a wine Brandy produced in Cognac region can be called Cognac and that region is one of sacred power places on Earth, which is not generally known to the public.