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Need to enhance your ability to focus?

Have troubles staying concentrating and staying focused on the task? 

Feel scattered and ungrounded? 

Overwhelmed by racing thoughts and multiple ideas?

 increase mental clarity. 


A powerful synergy of Fluorite and Andara Crystal Gem Elixirs with Flower Essences of Indian Pink, Blackberry, Madia, Cayenne, Rabbitbrush and Rosemary assist with the following:

  • Stay grounded in your body in the present moment.

  • Acceptance, forgiveness, taking responsibility for your life situation, getting over the victim role.

  • Increase your motivation, concentration and productivity by  maintaining a lively and alert mental field even when surrounded by intense activity. 

  • Strong grounding action to morphe abstract ideas into doable actions

  • Help to understand and set your priorities and order of doing things.

  • Ability to see the bigger picture and break-down big goals into bite-size tasks.

  • Clearly see the need to set and maintain healthy boundaries to stay focused and prevent distractions.

  • Combine focused attention to details with the wide-ranging perspective of seeing the "big picture".

  • Help with short attention span and flitting from one activity to another.

Learn how to use flower essences:


Note: if you experience severe inability to focus on a task or have been suffering from procrastination due to fear of failure or success for years  - you need more than one 30 ml bottle to break through. Try a 3-month course and consider repeating a one or three month course in a few months or if another layer of trauma is surfacing up for release in the next few years.


A great supportive remedy to work with on self-love and self-acceptance is True Self: Confidence Aroma.


Focus Flower Essence Elixir

  • Stock strength bottle, 30mL (1 fl oz)

    Homeopathic remedy.

    Note: Contains 20% of volume of 40% vol alcohol.

    Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or breast-feeding: ask a healthcare professional before use.

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