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Unearth your inner light and bask in the glow of your own uniqueness with Buttercup Flower Essence. Derived from the vibrant and cheerful buttercup flower, this natural remedy helps you radiate self-assuredness, unburdened by the need for external recognition or fame.


Key Benefits:

Radiant Self-Confidence: Allow your inner light to shine brightly, unobstructed by self-doubt. Buttercup Flower Essence encourages a sense of self-assurance that doesn't rely on external validation.


Unwavering Self-Worth: Say goodbye to feelings of low self-worth. This essence empowers you to acknowledge and fully experience your inner light and individuality.


Freedom from Self-Deprecation: Let go of self-deprecating thoughts and behaviors. Buttercup Flower Essence supports you in celebrating your unique qualities, free from the weight of self-criticism.


Inner Resilience: Like the buttercup's resilience in the face of adversity, this essence helps you uncover your inner strength and positivity.


Maitri Verde's Buttercup flower essence was made in Glastonbury, UK on the pristine land of Earth Spirit retreat center using water collected from the famous Chalice Well and White Spring. Glastonbury sits on an energy vortex, a place where the Earth's energies are particularly powerful. It had been a center for spiritual, mystical and healing traditions for centuries.


How to Use:

Incorporate Buttercup Flower Essence into your daily routine by adding four drops to your favorite beverage, under your tongue, or in a glass of water four times a day. Consistent use can lead to a profound transformation.


Natural and Gentle:

We craft our flower essences with love, care and respect for the palnt and environment, free from artificial additives and chemicals. They are safe for all ages and can be seamlessly integrated into your holistic wellness journey.


Rediscover your inner radiance and embrace a life unburdened by self-doubt. With Buttercup Flower Essence, you're free to shine as you are, confident in your unique brilliance.

Buttercup Flower Essence

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