Navigating Fall: Season Of Gratitude and Letting Go

Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop. -Rumi

The shift in seasons is Nature’s way of reminding you to pay attention. While it seems apparent that you adjust your outer life to acclimate to the changing weather, you may often forget the shift that is necessary for the inner realm when seasons change. After the Fall Equinox of September 21st, we now officially entered the season of Fall. I like to analyze each time of the year from three major knowledge systems and approach to achieving ultimate health and balance: Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Native American Medicine Wheel, and the Four Directions.

Fall Association in Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Element: Metal

Yin Organ: Lung Yang Organ: Large Intestine Emotion: Grief/Sadness Climate: Dryness Stage of development: Harvest Flavor: Pungent Color: White Sense Organs: Nose Tissues: Skin Sound: Crying Healing sound: sssssssssssssss

Fall is associated with the direction of the West and the time of sunset when we enter the stage of completion characterized by both LETTING GO and CELEBRATING THE HARVEST. There is a need for a lot of gratitude and recognition of what the seeds that you planted brought to you – the beauty of what had manifested and what life lessons they taught you. Watch out for resistance for let go. Learn from Nature and its example of the leaves falling off the trees without any resistance, creating a potent compost that will nurture the seeds that will germinate in the new year and in the new cycle. So have gratitude for what you accomplished, celebrate, and let go.