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Are you working long hours or even multiple jobs? 

Unable to relax and unwind after work or between tasks? 

Having difficulty falling or staying asleep and quieting your mind? 

Do you feel overwhelmed by life and your endless tasklist? 

Does it feel as if you are holding the weight of the world on your shoulders?


De-stress Flower Elixir helps you to cope with stress, brings optimism and positive attitude to your daily tasks, prevents burnout, instills peace of mind and quiets the mind chatter, balances workaholism, perfectionism, and “overachiever” syndrome allowing for a realistic evaluation of one's limitations and abilities.

A powerful synergy of Lapis Lazuli Gem Elixir and Flower Essences of Scotch Broom, Oak, White Chestnut, Olive, Centaury, Mustard and Aloe provide benefits such as:


  • Help you balance constant tension, overexertion and exhaustion, the feeling of carrying “the weight of the whole world on your shoulders”, obsession with your duties, taking on more than you can handle.

  • Overcome the dark feeling of melancholy, being weighed down, overwhelmed  and depressed and get back your joy, emotional equilibrium and cheerfulness even on challenging days,

  • Dissolve anxiety, despair or pessimistic views in regard to large social and world events.

  • Support  positive masculine aspects of endurance, strength, optimism and perseverance with feminine aspects of grace and gentle surrender.

  • Prevent burnout by seeing and accepting your human limitations, need for rest and play. Generate the ability to ask for help and receive it without feeling weak or being useless or a burden.

  • Brings serenity and peace of mind, calming down worry-bound repetitive thoughts, chattering mind, restless and agitated mental conditions, insomnia.

  • Overcome extreme exhaustion on physical, emotional (soul) and mental levels promoting regeneration, recovery and revitalization making personal development possible.

  • Overcome oversensitivity to the needs of others and putting others’ needs in front of your own. Ability to say “NO” to people and situations that are draining you and aren’t aligned with your needs, wants and soul purpose. Or simply to say NO to getting more tasks on the plate that is already full.

Learn how to use flower essences:


Note: if you are under severe stress or have been suffering from perfectionism or workaholism for years - you need more than one 30 ml bottle to breakthrough. Try a 3-month course and consider repeating a one or three-month course in a few months if you are experincing severe stress and need help coping with it.



De-Stress Flower Elixir

  • Stock strength bottle, 30mL (1 fl oz)

    Homeopathic remedy.

    Note: Contains 20% of volume of 40% vol alcohol.

    Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or breast-feeding: ask a healthcare professional before use.


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