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Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For

A consultation with Anna Bazarnaya is combination of Flower Essence Therapy, with elements of gentle psychology, emotional and lifestyle support, intuitive channeling and Reflection guidance. Whether you need to work through a particular issue, or go deep into unresolved emotional experiences from childhood, or strengthen your existing path - a consultation is a powerful supportive solution.

As a trained flower essence therapy practitioner I work with over 200 flower essences from the repertory of FES, Dr Bach Flower Remedies and Maitri Verde's own collection.

Flower essences are gentle yet fast acting vibrational remedies that work on energy meridian system of the human body. They are safe for people and animals of all ages, have no side effects, easy to use and are fast acting. You may notice changes after just few days of usage. The truth about yourself, your relationships and perception of the world will reveal itself in just 30 days and in six months you can achieve more than in six years of regular deep inner work.
Ready to rattle the cage of your existence?

Have questions or doubts?  Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with Anna to ask what you want to know and understand if you trust enough to begin the healing work.


Email Consultation with Custom Flower Essence Blend 

This consultation is targeted to help with the current flared up issues or a pressing immediate situation, such as severe stress and anxiety, heartbreaking experience, sudden unemployment or upcoming job interview, important decision making etc. The aim is to take a custom made formula short-term in a duration of one or two month to address this specific issue or situation. Thirty days is a typical cycle for emotional change and it is recommended to use the essence for at least this period of time to fully experience its impact. Your personalized essence formula will support, with precision, the healthy movement of change and growth needed to address a particular issue.


  • Email conversation to define your need and to collect a brief history. You will receive a detailed questionnaire within 12 hours after your checkout. Anna will put together a custom formula based on your answers. If more information or details needed, you will receive a separate email with clarification questions.

  • 1x30 ml bottle of your custom Flower Essence Blend (will last about a month)* You can order your refill here.

  • Flat rate priority shipping within continental USA.


PRICE: $45.00 




*The cost of the refill of your current or modified custom flower essence formula is $16 (plus domestic or international shipping), it is shipped globally from California, USA.

You can order your refill here.

Contact Anna

Shoot me a note if you have any questions about my offerings, products or ingredients.

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Will Flower Essences Help You?

The perfect time to work with flower essences is at times when you need to address your responce to pain, discomfort or dissatisfaction with the way you perceive the world or yourself. You will definitely benefit from the healing effect of the flower essences if you answer YES to one or more of the following questions:

  • You don't know who You are and what you want?

  • Have you been presented with a seemingly difficult problem in life and need to see a bigger picture? Or need to make a decision/choice aligned with your True Self?

  • You are experiencing a big change or transition, such as a change in your work, relationship, financial or living situation?

  • Is a concept or perspective that was always true for you no longer working?

  • Did you recognize that things are not the way you would like them to be, and you don’t know what or how to change?

  • You realized that you don’t know your life purpose, either spiritually or in a more mundane sense, and feel a need to define it?

  • Do you feel an emptiness inside and want to learn and understand your spiritual self?

  • Do you have an uncomfortable mental or emotional responce to a situation or a person?

  • Do you have trouble connecting and expressing your true feelings and emotions, feel "numb" as a coping/defensive mechanism to deal with painful reality?

  • You became aware of repetitive behavior and self-destructive behavior patterns?

  • You have addictions you can't overcome (food, alcohol, smoking, drugs, shopping, sex, gambling etc.)?

  • Did you notice problematic relationship patterns including codependency, lack of fulfillment, problems with intimacy and expression of sexuality?

  • You feel worried, uneasy or experiencing a feeling that you can not define?

  • Are you acting out behavior that you don’t like, but don’t know how to change it?

  • Did you have a spiritual experience that you can’t explain, understand or having hard time integrating?

  • Are you in the midst of a transformational experience and seek support to make the journey more peaceful?

  • Do you see how limited your perspectives are and want to change it?

  • Are you dealing with physical or emotional healing that feels overwhelming or unending?

  • Have you given up hope and need a change of attitude?

Flower essences are safe, gentle and fast acting remedies given to us by wisdom of mother nature. They are easy to use, easy to make a part of your daily routine and the change will typically reveal itself within just 30 days. 

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