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Welcome To The Alchemy Of Love.

Love is not only about sweethearts. It is also about deepening relationships with yourself, the world, and your spirituality, fostering connections with family and friends, and loving others.
Our handmade creations are filled with love and Reiki to liberate  and celebrate your beautiful body and passionate heart.

Raise Your Vibrations. Choose Love.

A vibration is a state of being, the atmosphere, or the energetic quality of a person, place, thought, or thing.  Everything in the universe is made up of molecules vibrating at different speeds including trees, bodies, rocks, animals, thoughts, and emotions.

When you are vibrating at a higher level, you feel lighter, happier, and more at ease, whereas lower vibrations feel heavy, dark, and confused.  
How do you think you are you vibrating right now? How about the world? 

 Shame about our bodies, nudity, sensuality, sexuality and intimacy was instilled in us for thousands of years by authorities and religious taboos. Shame is the lowest level of consciousness that vibrates through your chakras (20MHz). Following by guilt, apathy, grief and fear, the lowest vibration causes inaction. In other words, it silences us.  

Love is one of the highest vibrating states of being (500MHz) and has the power to pull you out of the deepest ditches. Attune your heart to love and your energy will start to soar. 


Essential oils have been found to have the highest vibrational frequencies than any other substances that exist in nature. Compare the frequency of the human brain (72-90 MHz), healthy body (62-68 MHz) to Rose essential oil with its highest vibrational frequency of 320 MHz/s. 

Flower essences contain the vibrational energy of the plant which interact with our human subtle bodies, and evoke specific qualities within us. They introduce positive qualities in your consciousness that will drive out the negative state of mind, or they also strengthen the qualities we already possess.


Explore my Alchemy Of Love collection to celebrate your love, sexuality and romantic relationship beyond and scroll further down for special offer bundles.


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Image by Annie Spratt

May your heart be as vast as the Universe.
May you love yourself as you desire to be loved by others.
May you have the courage to stand your ground 
And fight for what you love.
May you have the softness to be intimate and vulnerable.
May you accept yourself for who you are
And shine brightly and boldly in every moment of your life.


Beloved Self

Choose to feel, give and receive love. And start with yourself. Cast out self-doubt, unworthiness and harsh criticism of inner judge. Accept and befriend yourself on the deepest level with a daily practice of Maitri.


Try Maitri Ritual for 30 days and see how your world transforms.


Be fully open and in union with your partner. Speak the truth, whisper the words of deepest love and appreciation, express your healthy sensuality and sexuality, courageously show up in your vulnerability.

Dissolve any residual shame about your body, sexuality and being sexually intimate. Overcome unworthiness and allow yourself pleasure and connection with your partner beyond what you imagined possible.


Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

~ Lao Tzu

Brave Heart

Even the bravest hearts need tender love and a boost of courage. An elegant gift set for a man to take care of his emotions and his skin. True Self Confidence Aroma brings the boost of courage, sense of calm grounding to the body, assertiveness, ability to stand up for yourself, establish and protect your boundaries.

The scent of cedarwood hydrosol has therapeutic, calming, and relaxing effects on the mind. Inhaling it helps release muscle tension and gets rid of stress. Our wild-harvested artisanally distilled Scented Cedar essential water is naturally balancing, protective and hydrating cleanser and toner for the skin. Its delicate, woodsy, spicy aroma  is mentally calming, uplifting, and cleansing.


Heart Of The Rose

Women and roses are a match made in heaven. An elegant gift set for a sovereign queen to nourish her heart, please the senses, and bring a gorgeous glow to her skin. 


Our exquisite Rose Hydrosol is certified organic, 100% pure, and natural without additives, preservatives, or synthetic substances. 

Maitri Verde's Love Candle is 94% organic soy wax with 6% of pure organic essential oils of Moroccan Rose, Lavander, Bergamot, Marjoram , Lemongrass, Egyptian Geranium, Frankincense (, an organic eco wick, rose petals and crystal chips of garnet and strawberry quartz. 

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