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Connection with other fellow humans is absolutely important. You may miss the warmth of human touch and hug, but there is a deeper state of withdrawal and isolation, accompanied by the fear to trust, ask for help, share openly what's on your heart and mind, and courageously show up in your vulnerability. 


SoulConnect Kit includes:

  • 4 oz Love: Rose + Garnet Blessing Candle

  • 10 ml True Self Confidence Aroma

  • 30 ml Divine Sexuality Damiana Elixir

  • 30 ml Heart Opener Flower Essence Elixir

  • 30 ml Connection Flower Essence Elixir


How to work with SoulConnect Kit:

Start by taking flower essences together with your partner: 4 drops at least 4 times a day. Do a course of Heart Opener first, then follow with Connection flower elixir.

Create a sacred ceremony of Connection with your partner and repeat daily or as often as possible:

  • Light up your candle to open your practice and clear the energy of your sacred space. 

  • Hold a candle together with your partner. Set an intention and say it out loud together, for example “With this sacred light we open our safe and sacred space of unconditional love, trust and shameless self-expression. We drop judgment and expectations and surrender to our sensuality and pleasure”.

  • Anoint your palms, heart, wrists, lower belly and inhale deeply the aroma of True Self Confidence. Anoint each other with Confidence combining healing power of sacred oils with a gentle loving touch. Confidence contains grounding, calming and aphrodisiac essential oils that will help with your mood.

  • Take a dropful of Divine Sexuality Damiana elixir directly from the vial, or mix in water, cacao, juice or wine. Sip and bring your attention to your lower belly observing the warming sensation. You may or may not feel the arousal. The goal is to get out of your head and daily stress and be fully grounded and present in your body.

  • Be with your partner: talk, whisper, touch, share your dreams and desires. Drop off all your guard. Be fully embodied.

  • Take it as far as you both want and repeat smelling Confidence and take more Damiana elixir if needed.

  • When you finish your ritual, close your sacred space by gently extinguishing the candle.

SoulConnect Kit

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