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Hello and Welcome!

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

My name is Anna Bazarnaya. I am a founder, formulator, and creative force of Maitri Verde. I want to personally welcome you to the Maitri Verde family. 


Yes, family, because I genuinely care about you, your needs, and your expectations. 

Please accept my token of appreciation and use coupon code WELCOME10 to get 10% OFF your next purchase.

I am SO glad that you decided to join Maitri Verde! This is going to be such a beautiful journey!

My goal is to lead you into discovering your EMPOWERED, AUTHENTIC SELF with natural remedies, tools, techniques, and self-care habits that I am going to share with you. 

And it all begins with a relationship between you, me, and the loving healing power of nature.

My Prayer For You

May you heal the wounds of the past

May your heart remain open

May you feel safe and confident to be yourself

May you stay connected as a part of the whole

May you love for the sake of love

May you always remember that you are loved and supported​


With love,


Anna Bazarnaya

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