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What You Seek Is Seeking You

I believe that plant medicine is a relationship between the plant, the healer and the person needing healing, who's willingness is the Key. If you’re ready to work on your overall health and wellness, there’s something you will need, that we all need: self-awareness. Self-awareness is the foundation for change, for growth and for all of the personal development we strive to accomplish. Our services will provide you with a "map" and our products will become helpful "tools" for your healing journey.

Anna Bazarnaya, founder of Maitri Verde is a trained flower essence therapy practitioner and clinical aromatherapist. She offers private consultations, courses, workshops and transformational vacation trips.

The Self Mastery Package

Every person is unique. And I believe that treatments should be formulated specifically for each individual, taking into  consideration the date and place of birth, constitution, current state of body and mind, stress level, geographic location, season, lifestyle. 


1 hour Vedic Astrology Natal Chart Reading 

1 1/2 hour discussion of personality, path, physical, emotional and spiritual challenges

Formulation of fully customized flower essence formula, plus a

documented observations, helpful techniques and lifestyle recommendations

Special price for short courses and add-ons.

Your Investment: $199.00



Email to request add-ons:

Custom made bindrune amulet $40

Healing Mantra $15

Planetary Propitiation $25


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Transformational Vacations

Pura Vida. It's the Costa Rican motto that urges everyone to embrace the present moment and fall into nature. You will notice from the moment you arrive that the pace is slower, the people are kind, the geckoes are giggly and the beach vistas are breathtaking.

Come and stay as long as you can. Be patient. Allow your mind to unwind. Disconnect, release and re-set. Nurture your soul with vibrating prana of the untouched nature. Nurture your bodies with fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood. Complement your experience with private consultations and custom created flower essence and aroma blends that capture the energy of the place and trigger positive changes and break the destructive cycles.



Flower Essence Therapy Consultations

To receive a flower essence consultation is a wonderful way to gain insight regarding certain challenges and lessons in your life. Being on the receiving end of a consultation is a wonderful way to gain insight into certain challenges and lessons in our lives. Sometimes we are too close to our own problems and basically can’t see the forest for the trees.


Whether you’re struggling with a particular issue, want to go deep into unresolved emotional experiences from childhood  or simply want to live more fully in your existing strength, a consultation is a wonderfully supportive self-care measure. Flower essences are capable of stimulating profound levels of awareness and life-altering changes.


Anna Bazarnaya is a trained practitioner by the California Flower Essence Society (FES) and works with over 200 flower essences from the repertoire of FES, Dr Bach Flower Remedies and Maitri Verde's In Full Bloom collection.


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