The theme of Connection with other fellow humans is of absolute importance. We may miss the warmth of human touch and hug, but there is a deeper state of withrawal and isolation, accompanied by the fear to trust, ask for help, share openly what's on your heart and mind, and show up in your vulnerability. 


Intimacy is a close familiarity, closeness, and openheartedness on an emotional level, besides the more popular intimate physical and sexual relationship. The resistance to connect openly and intimately with other people stems from old experiences of being silenced, ignored, laughed at, shamed, rejected, betrayed, or humiliated. And yes, for sure, some people don't deserve to be trusted. But we can heal past experiences, raise our vibrations, and learn the magic of healthy boundaries. This becomes a foundation for establishing new fulfilling romantic relationships, new friendships, and building sustaining groups and communities. 


When we feel separate from others, we have no joy or interest in their affairs. Instead, our isolation can cause a state of jealousy, envy, suspicion, or anger. Our soul grasps for its share of love as something of a limited commodity, rather than an infinite resource divinely available to all.


The five flower stars of Connection are sharing their  powers so you can re-discover the joy of connection with others on the deepest level:


Baby Blue Eyes is helping with excessive detachment, numbness toward life events, and lack of trust. It instills childlike innocence and trust, feeling supported and loved, especially by mail figures. This essence counterbalances defensiveness, insecurities, lack of support, and healthy connection with father or other father-like figures as a positive force of protection and guidance in childhood.


Evening Primrose dispels the inability to form committed relationships and emotional distancing due to early rejection and abandonment in childhood. It assists in releasing toxic emotions unconsciously absorbed from parents and often stemming from physical or emotional abuse.


Centaury helps to preserve our independence, especially for those prone to submission to the will of others. It helps with an unhealthy pattern of pleasing others and unbalanced giving, which weakens and depletes the true Self. It promotes serving others from inner strength while nourishing your own needs and saying "NO" when appropriate.


Holly brings the ability to feel loving, feel loved, heartfelt compassion, and include others. It restores the soul's ability to feel unity and wholeness, balances jealousy and envy towards others, developing compassionate acceptance and joy for others.


Golden Yarrow allows to remain open to others while staying self-contained and to overcome over-sensitivity to social surroundings resulting in social isolation or a false persona.


Pink Monkeyflower works on fear of expressing real feelings due to possible censure or judgment.*


*The description of action of the flower essences are based on the research and case studies of the Flower Essence Society of California, publications of Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz, which were further confirmed by Maitri Verde's own research and case studies.

Connection Flower Essence Elixir

  • Stock strength bottle, 30 mL (0.5 fl oz)


    Homeopathic remedy.


    It contains 20% of 40 proof of grape alcohol.


    Indications: For relief of naturally occurring simple nervous tension.


    Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a healthcare professional before use.



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