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Connection with other fellow humans is absolutely important. You may miss the warmth of human touch and hug, but there is a deeper state of withdrawal and isolation, accompanied by the fear to trust, ask for help, share openly what's on your heart and mind, and courageously show up in your vulnerability. 


Intimacy is a close familiarity, closeness, and open heartedness on an emotional level, besides the more popular intimate physical and sexual relationship. The resistance to connect openly and intimately with other people stems from old experiences of being silenced, ignored, laughed at, shamed, rejected, betrayed, or humiliated. 


Yes, for sure, some people don't deserve your trust. But you can heal past experiences, raise your vibrations, and learn the magic of living under protection of healthy boundaries without putting an ice wall and numbness around your heart. This becomes a foundation for establishing new fulfilling romantic relationships, new friendships, and building sustaining groups and communities. 


When we feel separate from others, we have no joy or interest in their affairs. Instead, our isolation can cause a state of jealousy, envy, suspicion, or anger. Our soul grasps for its share of love as something of a limited commodity, rather than an infinite resource divinely available to all.


A powerful synergy of Mangano Calcite and Andara Crystal Gem Elixirs with Flower Essences of Baby Blue Eyes, Evening Primrose, Centaury, Golden Yarrow, Holly and Pink Monkeyflower assist with the following:

  • Dissolve excessive detachment, numbness, lack of trust  and emotional distancing due to early rejection and abandonment in childhood. 

  • Instill childlike innocence and trust, feeling supported and loved, especially by male figures. 

  • Overcome defensiveness, insecurities, lack of support. Feel safe and protected.
    Dispels the inability to form committed relationships out of fear of betrayal, abundonment or rejection.

  • Stop unhealthy patterns of pleasing others and unbalanced giving in order to be loved, which depletes your True Self. 

  • Feeling loving, loved and worthy of love with a heartfelt compassion and inclusion of  others. 

  • Feel unity and wholeness, replacing jealousy and envy with compassionate acceptance and joy for others.

  • Remain open to others while staying self-contained and to overcome over-sensitivity to social surroundings resulting in social isolation or a false persona.

  • Overcome fear of speaking intimately, showing affection and expressing your real feelings due to possible censure, judgment or rejection.

Learn how to use flower essences:


A great supportive remedy to work with on self-love and self-acceptance is True Self: Maitri Aroma and you may consider deepening the heart opening process with the Heart Opener Flower Elixir.


Note: if you have been feeling lonely,isolated and lack trust in other people for years or don’t know how to open your heart to warm human communication - you need more than one 30 ml bottle to break through. Try a two to three month course or until you achieve a desired result.  




Connection Flower Essence Elixir

  • Stock strength bottle, 30mL (1 fl oz)

    Homeopathic remedy.

    Note: Contains 20% of volume of 40% vol alcohol.

    Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or breast-feeding: ask a healthcare professional before use.

  • Flower essences are subtle liquid extracts which are used to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health. They work not because of the chemical composition of the liquid, but because of the life forces derived from the plant and contained within the water-based matrix.*

    Like homeopathic remedies, flower essences are vibrational in nature and because they offer their immense healing gifts energetically, there are none of the drawbacks of chemical medicine. They are completely safe to work with whether you use them alone or alongside other healing modalities.

    Flower essences are a primary treatment for what Traditional Chinese Medicine calls Shen or Spirit. TCM views Shen or Spirit as containing aspects of emotional and mental health. Each flower has a specific frequency and holds information that can help us realize our true nature and help us shift out of self-limiting, self-destructive patterns and behaviors.

    All Maitri Verde's Flower Essences are made in small batches with permission and under request of said specimen, utilizing the knowledge of the Moon and Planetary cycles, and the alchemical principles.

    Ingredients: spring water that holds energetic imprint of listed flower, preserved with highest quality French cognac. 

    Warning: contains alcohol. 

    *Please note: A flower essence is energetic and odorless and therefore distinct from essential oils. 


    The claims for this product are based on traditional homeopathic practice and haven’t been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administrations.

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