Cacao Plant, the Food of the Gods

November 4, 2016



Cacao plant — the Tree of Life, is one of the world's most magical and incredible trees. Its botanical name, Theobroma cacao, roughly translated, means “food of the gods”.


Theobroma cacao has a unique, benevolent effect as a flower essence. It increases general sensitivity. When we improve our sensitivity, we can better feel, intuit, empathize with, and psychically understand people and situations.


Flower essence of Cacao releases and dissolves the energetic pains and wounds held in the body, particularly those held in the Breasts for Women and Genitals for Men. It helps to heal limiting beliefs around sex, allowing to see the Divine in Love making, experience union of masculine and feminine energies and balancing them. Cacao essence increases general sensitivity which is an important component of both love and sexual intimacy, helping to tune in to the feeling of things.


Individuals may consume chocolate to dull their sensitivity to the love they need, and the essence of Cacao flower helps in the letting go of the desire for sweetness found externally in food and in recognizing sweetness as being internally generated. Those struggling with body image can use the Essence to help envision a new body.


Batch info: 05/22/2016 Waning Moon in Sagittarius, Montezuma, Costa Rica



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