Pour Some Light On Your Shadow

The Shadow is a psychological term for everything we can't see in ourselves.

A common mistake people make when thinking about the Shadow is to think that it is made up entirely of ‘negative,’ shameful aspects of ourselves that we are trying to repress. Learning to allow shadow elements of ourselves to come into the light and be recognized is a large aspect of the healing journey.

The shadow is the “dark side” of our personality because it consists chiefly of primitive, negative human emotions and impulses like rage, envy, greed, selfishness, desire, and the striving for power.


The problem with the Shadow is that if we do not recognize it as existing and work on bringing it into the light, it controls us much more and the only way it can manifest is through projections. What we do not accept as part of ourselves, we tend to unconsciously project onto others. It hurts and damages our relationships with our spouses, family, and friends, it impacts our professional relationships as well as our leadership abilities.


When we are able to accept and assimilate our Shadow, we accept ourselves on a deeper level, we can forgive our shortcomings and liberate the creative energy that was blocked in repressing the parts of our Shadow that are ready to be integrated.

If we stop trying to be perfect and recognize that becoming whole is more important, than we move one step further on the journey towards individuation.