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Stress Management, Focus
& Mental Clarity

Based on your answers, we recommend that you start with the products in our Stress Management, Focus & Mental Clarity Collection.

These products are designed to help you cope with stress, invite optimism and positive attitude to your daily tasks, prevent burnout, instill peace of mind and quiet the mind chatter, balance workaholism, perfectionism, and “overachiever” syndrome, allowing for a realistic evaluation of your human limitations and abilities, enhances your ability to stay focused on the task and achieve mental clarity. 

This collection includes the following:

De-Stress Flower Elixir

De-stress Flower Elixir helps you to cope with stress, brings optimism and positive attitude to your daily tasks, prevents burnout, instills peace of mind and quiets the mind chatter, balances workaholism, perfectionism, and “overachiever” syndrome allowing for a realistic evaluation of your limitations and abilities. It balances nervous and muscle tension, overexertion and mental exhaustion, the dark feeling of melancholy, being weighed down, overwhelmed and depressed. Get back your joy, emotional equilibrium and cheerfulness even on challenging days. 


True Self: Tranquility Aroma

Tranquility aroma blend helps manage stress and reduce symptoms of anxiety, irritability, frustration and impatience with others, muscle tension and sleeplessness – all contributing to depression, anger, feelings of insecurity, and relationship conflicts. It reduces the negative effects of daily stress, promotes deep, restful sleep, and supports feelings of contentment and well-being.


Natural antidepressant essential oils bring positivity and sense of contentment through its scent as they release a small amount of dopamine into your brain. Tranquility is a natural tonic for the nervous system, boosting the immunity and repairing the nervous system while improving body functions.


Roll-on is an elegant and convenient solution for using your essential oils on-the-go. It fits in your pocket and can be taken on the airplane. Suitable for direct inhalation and topical application it dispenses a fixed amount of essential oil diluted in a carrier oil directly where you need it. As an added benefit -  apply the oil and press the rollerball over the relevant acupressure point.

True Self: Confidence Aroma

Confidence brings the boost of courage, sense of calm groundness in your body, assertiveness, ability to stand up for yourself, establish and protect your boundaries.

The synergetic blend of essential oils help to overcome extreme self-criticism and get rid of paralyzing shame after embarrassing episodes.It assists in making decisions and hesitations in choosing the best option, the path in life, or taking a calculated risk, inducing trust in your inner voice and wisdom.


Inhale it when you need to counter nervousness, anxiety, and emotional oversensitivity, overburden with responsibilities, mental stress, and burnout. It will bring laser focus, concentration and help overcome sluggishness, and procrastination.


Blue Lotus Tea

Blue Lotus Tea is an ideal beverage for addressing stress, sleeplessness and inviting dreaming. The Blue Lotus flower was sacred to ancient Egyptians, thought to enhance higher consciousness and connect to divine spirits. Blue Lotus is called “Flower of Intuition” as it connects to one’s soul and unconscious, allowing to receive answers, clarity and bring the unknown to awareness through the symbols and visions received in the dreaming state.


This calming tea works great for anxiety, promotes a sense of heightened awareness, while offering feelings of relaxation and relief from life’s stressors. 

Focus Flower Essence Elixir

There are various reasons for brain fog and inability to concentrate. Focus Flower Elixir brings you down into your body, ground and calm your racing mind and multiple ideas to be able to concentrate on one task at the time, seeing a big picture rather than being overwhelmed by details and ability to cut off and say a firm NO to all distractions and people that try to pull you out of the deep focus. With Focus you increase motivation, concentration and productivity, maintain a lively and alert mental field even when surrounded by intense activity.


Energy Shield Smokeless Smudge Spray

We radiate a very low level of electricity that’s otherwise known as an electromagnetic field. This energy is expressed in seven layers of our aura field. Each layer correlates to a different element of your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. That is why energy clearing is such an essential part of our everyday routine! Whether you've had a bad day at work, a fight with your partner or coworker, or any other negative energy came your way - Energy Shield will help you to purify and repair your aura, raise your vibrations, cleanse your living space, dispel negative and stagnant energy, cleanse or empower specific objects.


Foggy Lake
It’s not stress that kills us, it’s our reaction to it.

~ Hans Selye

About Flower Essences and Psychological Aromatherapy

Plant remedies change lives. They are gentle yet effective in their ability to promote healing on the deepest emotional and spiritual levels. Essential oils and flower essences help to shift you out of self-limiting, self-destructive patterns, and behaviors of the false persona created as a protective mechanism after experiencing emotional trauma. Unlike Western medicine, they neither numb your senses nor mask your symptoms.

Similar to homeopathic remedies, flower essences are vibrational in nature and are a primary treatment for traditional Chinese medicine known as 'Shen' or 'Spirit'. Each flower has a specific frequency and holds information within that can help us realize our true nature and help us shift out of self-limiting, self-destructive patterns and behaviors, supporting our emotional attitudes and perceptions. They provide a language that helps us understand our inner world and the ways we respond to life and life’s situations. 


Maitri Verde’s psychological aromatherapy formulas are synergistic blends of high-quality and high-frequency essential oils. Every essential oil acts as an instrument in the orchestra of each formula and resonates with a particular emotional imbalance. 


Psychological aromatherapy helps to achieve the desired therapeutic effect on the body-mind-soul-spirit level. Regular application topically or through direct inhalation raises your vibration, allows the body to manage stress successfully, and relaxes enough to allow access to emotional traumas hidden in the unconscious, stored in the body and cellular memory for healing and releasing.

Plant Shadow

What Clients Say

Effective, calming for the nerves, calms my mind, giving me much deeper sleep.The first time I took De-Stress in the evening and immediately felt how exhausted I was. My body was craving sleep so I went to bed and slept like a baby for the first time in many months. Now I take it during the day to manage stress and occasionally at night if I wake up at night and anxiety is endless.

- Kaya Stackhouse, San Luis Obispo, CA


A Note from Anna Bazarnaya, Founder of Maitri Verdi


Hello and welcome!


My name is Anna Bazarnaya. I am an intuitive healer, an emotional healing aromatherapist and flower essence practitioner, a yogini, a modern day alchemist, and product formulator. 


My professional development and spiritual growth are weaved into my personal healing journey after decades of abusive relationships, limiting beliefs, eating disorders, and physical challenges, including chronic fatigue, adrenal burnout, and candida overgrowth. 


I made my way out through my deep connection with nature, and while healing myself on a physical level with nutritional protocols, and herbal medicine, I discovered the process of deep emotional healing with the use of flower essences, aromatherapy, Yungian psychology, and experiential therapy combined with other healing modalities and energy work. Only then a big shift happened.


Healing is often compared with “peeling the onion”, and as I was discovering more and more layers that needed attention, love, attendance, and release, I was creating aromatic and flower essence formulas to support myself and get out of the darkness back to the light, joy and love for life.


Now it is my turn to share my knowledge, passion, and expertise with you.



​With loving-kindness,


Anna  Bazarnaya

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