Tranquility flower essence formula was put together to provide so much-needed physical and emotional comfort, combat stress, fear, and anxiety while boosting the self-defensive and self-healing abilities of the body.


This NON-ALCOHOL Flower Essence formula targets the turmoil time, fear, and uncertainty that we are facing now and contains the same flowers that are included in Maitri Verde's hand sanitizer. 


  • The Self-Heal flower essence activates the self health-giving forces for body and soul. 
  • The Echinacea flower essence has a remarkable benefit to the immune system by stimulating the "I' force within the body-soul matrix and giving the ability to discern and accept life-enhancing forces and to ward off the destructive ones. 
  • Red Clover flower essence evokes a calm and steady presence, especially in emergencies. 
  • Scotch Broom assists in overcoming pessimism and despair, especially regarding one's relationship to world events. 
  • Golden and White Yarrow flower essences help maintain the boundary between you and the rest of the world, allowing you to stay true to your own decision making and opinion, be in charge of your own emotions and not pick-up the anxiety projected by others.

Spray directly in the mouth, in water or around your body in a circular motion 4 times a day. In acute cases of anxiety or panic attacks, use up to every 15 minutes until the condition improves.


  • Stock strength bottle, 30 mL (1 fl oz). Homeopathic remedy.


    Indications: For relief of naturally occurring simple nervous tension.

    Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a healthcare professional before use.



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