Inner Child Support Kit was created to support the Core Emotional Healing® program created by Elicia Miller and includes:
1 bottle of Sacred Lotus: Heart Opener Flower Essence Blend (30 ml)
1 bottle of Lion's Heart: Staying In Your Power Flower Essence Blend (30 ml)
1 True Self "Maitri" Aromatherapy Roll-On Blend (10 ml) 
The most effective way to shift from deficit to abundance in health, love, support and money is to learn how to give yourself the love and support you didn’t get as a child. This will quickly shift your feelings and beliefs to attract what you really want.
Your symptoms are a gift because they show you your blind spots - something you typically aren’t consciously aware of that needs to be addressed. Each symptom has a message supporting your expression and fulfillment. There is a clear path for your truest and greatest self!
To fully heal recurring symptoms requires Core Emotional Healing®, a process that teaches you how to take care of your emotional needs and support yourself! 
When you take care of your emotional needs, you stop spinning your wheels - you finally know what you want, what to do to get it, and you believe in yourself.

Inner Child Support Kit

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