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On May 21st we enter the vibrant energies of Gemini, symbolized by the twins. This astrological season, lasting until June 20th, invites us to embrace qualities of curiosity, communication, and adaptability. 


Gemini Season Bundle includes the essential products to support your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing:


  • Connection Flower Essence Elixir enhances your verbal clarity and emotional expression.
  • Focus Flower Essence Elixir stimulates mind and expand your horizons. Dive into new ideas, learn a new skill, or explore subjects that pique your interest. Get over procrastination by maintaining focus and clarity and breaking the cycle of endless distractions.
  • True Self Confidence Aroma helps to stay grounded and present in your body, provides assertiveness in communication and helps to maintain healthy boundaries.
  • Golden Dew facial serum is perfect for repairing sun damage and rejuvenating your skin after sun exposure.
  • Lavender Hydrosol brings soothing relief from sunburns and is packed with cooling and calming properties.


Gemini Season Bundle

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