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Cancer season, which runs from June 21 to July 22, is all about introspection, emotional healing, and nurturing ourselves and those we love. This period is a time to delve deep into our emotions, heal past wounds, and cultivate a sense of inner peace and security. The energy of Cancer encourages us to create a safe and loving space for ourselves, fostering self-love and compassion.


Cancer Season Bundle includes the essential products to support your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing:


Inner Child Flower Essence Elixir helps release past emotional wounds and foster a sense of inner peace and security, promote self-compassion and nurture your inner child. It contains the essence of a signature flower of Gemini Season - Chicory.To use, take a few drops under your tongue or mix with water. You can also apply it to areas of your body where you sense trapped emotions, such as your heart or solar plexus.


Self Love Spray is a sensual blend of high-frequency essential oils of rose, frankincense, geranium, lemongrass, bergamot, and our lovingly grown and distilled lavender. This spray not only uplifts your spirits but also reinforces the importance of self-love. Spray it around your body, and while standing before a mirror, say to yourself, "I love you." This simple affirmation can have a profound impact on your self-worth and emotional wellbeing.


True Self Love Oil is an aromatherapy blend designed to cultivate self-love and Maitrī, a loving-kindness and acceptance towards yourself. Apply it over your heart and throat, and use it during meditation to enhance emotional healing. This oil helps you relax with yourself, feel at home in your body, and embrace your true self.

Love Aromatherapy Candle, made with a blend of natural waxes and pure essential oils, creates a calming and heart-opening ambiance. Light this candle during your self-care rituals to connect with the Divine Feminine and your inner Goddess. The scent of rose, lavender, lemongrass, and other oils is enchanting and promotes deep relaxation.


Cancer Season Bundle

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