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Even the bravest hearts need tender love and a boost of courage. An elegant gift set for a man to take care of his emotions and his skin.

Brave Heart includes:

  • 10 ml True Self Confidence Aroma roll-on

  • 2 oz Cedarwood Essential Water spray

True Self Confidence Aroma brings a boost of courage, a sense of calm grounding the body, assertiveness, the ability to stand up for yourself and protect your boundaries.

The synergetic blend of essential oils help to overcome extreme self-criticism, assists in making decisions and hesitations in choosing the best option, the path in life, or taking a calculated risk, inducing trust in your inner voice and wisdom.

The scent of cedarwood hydrosol has therapeutic, calming, and relaxing effects on the mind. Inhaling it helps release muscle and gets rid of stress. Our wild-harvested artisanally distilled Scented Cedar essential water is naturally balancing, protective and hydrating cleanser and toner for the skin. Its delicate, woodsy, spicy aroma  is mentally calming, uplifting, and cleansing.


Brave Heart

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