New Moon in Leo: Time to Celebrate Life.

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

New Moon in Leo is about generosity, fun and celebration of yourself and your achievements. Drop the seriousness, get together with friends, laugh, flirt, celebrate life, send yourself on a juicy relaxing vacation or at least a short mind re-setting getaway.

The more we praise and celebrate our lives, the more we have to praise and celebrate.

Use this celestial energy to:

1. Rekindle romance and take a look at your healthy sexuality. Whether you’re with your beloved and seeking a few thrills or single and ready to mingle, bring sexy back. Enjoy a romantic evening: wine and dine your beloved or a friend, just for the pure fun of it.

2. Be creative! Too many people completely neglect their creativity. We all have a creative streak. For some of us, it comes out in art. For others, in the kitchen or doing crafts, or dreaming up wonderful holiday itineraries, or even creating mind-blowing spreadsheets. Whatever creativity means to you, now is the time to get back in touch with that part of you! Doing this once a year, at the time of the Leo New Moon, means it never gets to lie dormant for too long. We, adults, are so often too serious. Use this celestial energy and the Creative Expression flower essence to spark your creativity, drop the self-criticism, judgement and dependence of external validation. Will you bring that unique potential forth? Will you give it full expression, holding nothing back?

3. LOVE YOURSELF! Pay something forward. Take a risk, be brave and open your heart. One of the most important things we can do for our wellbeing is to love ourselves. Use the power of this month’s New Moon to get back in touch with what’s so great about you. It is not about arrogance. It’s about self-love, and love is never arrogant. If you are too timid or pre-occupied my giving all your love to others, try a heart-opening Sacred Lotus together with the Maitri/Self Love aroma blend, which is now also available in a 2 ml compact travel size. There is a tremendous difference between egoistic narcissism and self-love, self-esteem and self-appreciation. Self-love is the principle of showing respect, regard and kindness for one's self and values. Self-esteem is about recognizing potential and worth, taking pride in what you do and trusting your own judgment in life.

This New Moon begins a month to work on your self-confidence and your leadership skills. Confidence is a tool that can help you manage your fears, tackle life's challenges with more certainty, and maintain a positive mental attitude. 20 days of regular consistent usage will bring a noticeable difference to your behavior.

4. SPOIL YOURSELF! And then spoil someone you love. Indulge. Live a little! Leo is represented by the bright, hot Sun. When the New Moon is in Leo, it’s time to walk your walk, talk your talk, shake your body and remember that you have so much to offer the world. There are no prizes for hiding your light under a veil of self-doubt, right?

Be bold, be brave, be YOU! Have a beautiful month.


1. Make a sacred space and prepare a candle to lighten. The candle symbolize light in the darkness of life especially individual life, illumination; it is the symbol of holy illumination of the spirit of truth. You can choose the color of candle depending on your intention, for example white candles– for destruction of negative energy, peace, truth and purity; purple candles– for spiritual awareness, wisdom, tranquility; lavender for intuition, peace, healing; blue and deep blue – for meditation, healing, forgiveness, inspiration, and opening lines of Communication.

2. Leo is a fixed Fire sign ruled by Sun, so you can add objects associated with the element and planet such as: lion and wolf, eagle and peacock; plants: saffron, rosemary, borage, St John’s Wort, peppermint; amber color fabric; a burning candle; gems and crystals like: amber and golden topaz, diamond, opal, ruby; golden objects and a tarot card The Strength.

3. Purify the body by taking a bath or at least thoroughly washing your hands, imagining that you are letting the running water cleanse, purify and take away what no longer serves you.

4. Cleanse your energy by smudging yourself with sage. Bless yourself, your room and sacred space with Palo Santo, Rose Water or an aura spray such as Tranquility, Maitri, Confidence or Shadow.

5. Anoint the candle (optional) with the chosen essential oil (Aries is associated with Black pepper, frankincense, lemon, rosemary, marjoram or an appropriate Maitri Verde’s aroma blend, such as Maitri, Confidence or Happiness. Hold the candle in hands while silently setting intention for your ritual, bringing your energy in and mixing with energy of the moon and element of Fire. Light your candle with matches if possible, but lighter will do too.

6. Begin by grounding. Take 4 drops of Grounding Flower Essence Elixir. Call yourself by name and ask to be present in the place and moment you are in, focusing all the attention on present moment, not projecting to the future and not bringing back the past. Clear any fear and anxiety by breathing deeply into your belly. Set intention on careful listening and understanding of your true soul desires.

Be willing to open and listen to your intuition. Sit quietly, observe and listen to your inner voice of Higher Self or to your guides.

When you are ready, write down the list of wishes or intention of what you want to bring into your life. Use the specifics of Leo New Moon to fine-tune your intentions and wishes regarding:

Personal Heart Connections, including romance, children, dating, giving and seeking approval.

Creativity, including enthusiasm, creative projects, artistic expressions, total subjective involvement, self-actualization, passion.

Giving Love, including loyalty, generosity, bringing joy, encouragement, kindness.

Pleasure and Celebration including fun, play, games, parties, vacations, recreational sports, taking risks for excitement.

Dignity, including recognition, being center stage, self-confidence, powerful individual expression, radiance, benevolence.

Determination, including leadership, concentrated focus, follow through, strength of purpose, stamina.

Arrogance, including pride, being overly dramatic, self-centered, extravagance, bossiness.

Restoring Health, including back and spine, exhaustion, heart and inflammations.

After you finish your wish list or journal entry - acknowledge, honor and thank your allies/guides/guards as they are the greatest help to you right now.

If you chose to lighten the small candle, let it burn till end. If lightened a large candle, you can pinch the wick or cover up flame, but do not blow the flame off.

Want to get more from each New Moon, learn more about yourself and how to master self-awareness ?

A lot of information I share in this post is based on Jan Spiller's New Moon Astrology, a true inspiration and guide to effortlessly manifesting everything you wish for into the physical world.

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