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Updated: Apr 23

Recently I reached out to so many of you and couldn't ignore the overall theme of struggling and feeling overwhelmed in regards to balance self-care with a desire to help others. All while finding your place in a fast-changing world and assigning a spiritual meaning to the recent events. I sensed, in many of you, the general theme of falling apart. 

First of all, let me tell you that you are not alone, and what you are experiencing is a normal response. We had been plunged into the world of the unknown. And the only way to navigate is through knowing where your center is, which inspired me to create a program that will gently reconnect you with your Soul and what is True to you. It will allow you to use this time as a gentle spiritual transformation as opposed to experiencing something damaging, destructive, and traumatic. Check your incoming emails in the next ten days for an official announcement, program overview, and a link to register.

In the meantime, I want to share my thought and reflections on dealing with the world during COVID-19 and social distancing, including great resources and techniques: 

1. Observe your boundaries or the absence of them. Many people think that their skin defines the personal space they occupy in the world. But in reality, your subtle body extends for about an arm's length all around you. Every time we interact with other people, you let them into your personal space, and they share theirs. With shelter in place, we are either have all the space to ourselves, which may trigger loneliness. Or we end up sharing the limited space for 24/7 with our family or significant other, which may trigger a lot of boundary issues and show how successfully we can resolve the rising conflicts (or avoid them). If you own Elicia Miller's Core Emotional Healing Self Study Program, this is a great time to replay Steps #4 and #5 that talk about triggers and boundaries. If you don't have the Core Emotional Healing Self Study Program yet, now is your chance to get it for a special price of $125 with coupon code HEAL.

2. Cancel the deadlines and make peace with time. Permit yourself to take as long as necessary to figure things out. Give yourself a gift of time. This modification will take tremendous pressure off your shoulders and anxiety out of the solar plexus. Slow is the new Fast!

3. Connect with your emotions. Many emotions are appropriate for the current global situation. Understand what exactly you are feeling and WHY is crucial. There are free resources that are available to support you. Karla McLaren just posted four new videos about many of the emotions you might be feeling. Visit for in-depth articles about the gifts and messages of your feelings, as well as skills to support you during this uncertain time.

4. Purify and re-set your goals and intentions. Use this opportunity of a complete uncertainty to revisit your "personal statement." Revisit your goals and plans. Reflect on what you TRULY want to do with your life and where do you want to go. As Timothy Gallwey writes in The Inner Game of Work: "If you have a clear vision of where you want to go, you are not as easily distracted by the many possibilities and agendas that otherwise divert you." Journaling is a great free resource that is always available to you. I am happy to share a fantastic offer for you to get Elicia Miller's The Power of Journaling Online Workshop for just $25 with a code MAITRIVERDE.

You will get a 2-hour recorded video workshop and a 33-page journaling workbook with 16 different journaling techniques. I took this workshop last year and can assure it will propel communication with your unconscious to a new level!

4. Permit yourself to attend to YOUR needs first. Adapt to newly discovered modifications (found in #3) and give yourself time to settle into a new reality. Feel secure and confident in your core, before rushing to provide support to your family or community. And nothing speaks more about knowing and accepting yourself then Maitri. 

5. Do proper research and get your toolbox of vitamins, supplements, and herbs. I am not talking about hoarding on products or panicking about the absence of some of them. There is ALWAYS a replacement to get around or live without. In other words, there is ALWAYS Plan B. If you need advice on vitamin and supplement protocols and proper dosages, I can highly recommend Dr. Jen Clemons from Luck Dragon Medicine. She is a Naturopathic Doctor, and a TCM practitioner and currently consults and gives advice remotely. Check out an archive of the information she recently shared with her community and followers and sign-up for updates if you are interested.

6. Understand and cover the basics of the body-mind-soul-spirit needs to adapt to current times. No aspect is more or less important than another. Research and seek the advice of experts in the field. TIP: Don't watch too much news and don't bluntly trust mass media! Search for articles and publications of naturopathic doctors, herbalists, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurvedic practitioners. Open your heart and mind to the alternative interpretations that may differ from mass media.

7. Tune-in and trust your intuition to evaluate the incoming information, suggestions, prescriptions, and opinions. Try the practice of the Maitri meditation with inhaling or anointing the Heart (4th) and Third-Eye (5th) chakras with True Self Maitri Aroma Roll-On or taking Higher Self Flower Essence Formula 5-10 minutes before your practice.

8. Keep your aura pure and vibrations high! Smudge yourself and your home with White Sage, Cedarwood, ceremonial Tobacco, and invite blessings with Palo Santo, Sweetgrass, or Lavender. If you are highly sensitive and empathic, avoid watching too much news and talking to people who plant panic and fear in you. If you feel that you "picked up" negativity or anxiety, clear your aura. immediately! Smudge, anoint with energy clearing essential oils or spray with the Energy Shield, that will take all out all the crap out of your energy field with its synergy of white sage, crystals, and flower essences.

For your convenience, I grouped all my current essential products in one location, including supportive aromatherapy and flower essences to get more comfortable, ease the transition, manage stress, manage emotions, disinfect hands and clear the aura. SHOP NOW: ESSENTIAL PRODUCTS FOR UNCERTAIN TIMES

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need advice, suggestion or a custom formula. I am here for you!

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