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Connect With Your Ancestors With This Powerful Ritual

Trauma is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. Unresolved trauma in past generations finds a way to repeat itself. We feel it inside ourselves until someone finally transforms it. We are living in such a strange, innovative, and shocking time in history. We had never been more disconnected from our bodies, souls, each other, nature, and Mother Earth. For so many people, God is dead, and spirituality is just a "new age" word and concept. 

But on the bright side, so many of us are being called to do the transformational work. To detect, observe, and integrate personal traumas and to address the emotional wounds that have been passed down from past generations. As we work to transform our personal traumas, these transformations echo out into our families and communities. The more we collectively become aware of the need to re-think our way of being in the world and where we are heading, the more it becomes apparent that to heal the future, we need to fix the past.

October is the Most Magical Month because this is the time the veil is the thinnest between the Spiritual and the Physical World! Today is Halloween, Samhain, the Day of the Dead, All Soul's day—whatever it is called in your culture or on the land where you are living.

We just passed New Moon in Scorpio - the sign associated with Mystery, Rebirth, Occult. Since this is the time your Psychic abilities are heightened, it is essential to ground your energy if it feels overwhelming regularly. We typically ground through the feet. Placing the feet on the grass, the dirt, the sand, or applying oils on the bottom of the feet. Inhale or apply to the bottom of your feet diluted essential oils like frankincense, cedarwood, vetiver, or ready-made blends like True Self Confidence, Maitri, or Release. There are 4,000 pores on the bottom of our feet when essential oils are applied to the bottom of the feet; they hit your bloodstream in 30 seconds and go into each cell in 20 minutes. Holding the stones like black tourmaline or smoky quartz is very grounding, so is taking a hot detox bath. 

Below is my example of the ritual that you can perform tonight or any day, especially during Fall and Winter. Please modify as you wish and intuitively feel appropriate.

Step 1: Be open and willing to receive signs and messages from your ancestors. Just remember that your ancestors are eager and excited to connect with you. So there is no need to be scared or doubt their presence. Be open to connecting with them and receiving their guidance.

Step 2: Create an Altar/Sacred Space to honor your ancestors. 

This is optional but is a significant step to amplify the energy! 

An altar can be any sacred space where you can place some Spiritual symbols, offerings, and your ancestor's photos if you have them. You can also place objects, herbs, or images that symbolically associated or represent your place of origin.

Light white, blue, or purple candle while setting an intention to honor your ancestors and being open to receiving their blessing. Place one or more of the Ancestral Crystals on the altar: obsidian, selenite, amethyst, lapis lazuli, or spirit quartz. 

Essential oils to use while invoking your ancestors are Frankincense, Cistus and Labdanum, Vetiver, Spikenard, Myrrh, Patchouli, Cypress, and Cedarwood. Cistus knows how to dig deep and does not give up until what needs to come up from the depths has been released; it is direct and goes on no detours. Galbanum helps us face our original power and innate strength that it pushes us to manifest. Mix a few drops with some carrier oil and anoint all the Chakras. If you work with Maitri Verde's True Self aromatherapy line, the perfect oil to work with is Shadow. It already has most of the essential oils listed above and will take you directly onto a profound breakthrough journey. Another potent aroma formula to work with is Maitri and Release. Both formulas contain essential oils for going deep in, connect to the spirit world, and to integrate the received information.

Step 3: Third step is connecting with your ancestors

Prepare yourself by taking a warm, cleansing bath or shower. If you take a bath, add some detoxifying bath salts and add 20 drops of the Lantana flower essence. Stir the water in a lemniscate (figure-eight) motion for at least one minute to help potentize the remedies in the water. 

Sit down in front of your Altar/Sacred Space. Prepare a pen and journal to record your insights and reflections. Take a few deep breaths to ground your energy. Even if you are not using any other objects, I highly recommend lighting a candle and placing your ancestor's photo/photos. Hold the crystal that you chose for your meditation in one or both hands (optional but highly recommended). Inhale Shadow aroma blend for at least 90 seconds. Anoint your chakras and soles of your feet. You can substitute Shadow with Maitri or Release formula. Take eight drops of Sacred LotusShadow, or Dreamwork flower essence. Ask your Guides and Angels to protect you and let only the highest vibration enter your Aura.

Start thinking about your family. You can call upon a particular departed family member or appeal to all your ancestors in general. Ask the question below and see what comes up for you. Later, journal and answer those same questions:

  • What is your ethnic heritage and ancestry? 

  • Does it have a significant influence on your life? 

  • Do you feel nourished or burdened by it? 

  • Are there ancestors or members of your ethnic community that inspire you?

  • Are you aware of family dirty secrets?

  • Are you aware of dysfunctional patterns in your life that go back over several generations? 

  • What is your relationship to the suffering of your family? 

  • Are you willing to feel it and see its place in your own life?

Now close your eyes and feel. See if a particular image or a memory that includes a family member comes up. Ask to give you a sign. It could be goosebumps, feeling of peace, sparkling lights in your mind, some sound, the wind blowing harder suddenly (if you are outdoor), leaf falling on your feet, or anything.

Say this aloud or make your own:

" Dear Ancestors, I am ready to communicate with you. Please send me the signs that you are here. I am open to receive your wisdom and guidance in my life. Bless us and our upcoming generations. Thank you so much for connecting with me."

Now, wait. Sit quietly and wait until you feel their presence.

  • How is your body reacting?

  • Is there any change?

  • Are you feeling lighter or more joyful or peaceful?

Even if they don't give you the signs right away or if you think that you haven't got any signs from them, know that you have already invoked them and asked them for their guidance. They will appear in your life to guide you from the day of invocation. You will notice their presence later when you need it.

Allow yourself as much time as you need to reflect on the questions that you just asked yourself. Whenever you feel that you received the guidance or insights - open your eyes. Take a couple of deep breaths to arrive back to this world's reality. Finish the ritual by saying thank you and releasing those spirits that chose to communicate with you:

"Dear Ancestors, thank you so much for connecting with me. I am open to receive your wisdom and guidance in my life. Bless me and the upcoming generations. Thank you! So be It."

Spend some time journaling or at least thinking about any information or insights that you received during the ritual. 

You can continue and take your experience further by doing dreamwork the same night. You have multiple options to choose from, and you can also mix and match:

  • Take Dreaming Tea OR Blue Lotus Tea before bedtime. 

  • Take 8 drops of Sacred LotusShadow, or Dreamwork Flower Essence Elixirs or your Custom Formula. You can substitute with Angelica or Black-Eyed-Susan individual flower essences.

  • Inhale for at least 90 seconds Shadowor Maitri  aromatherapy formulas or substitute with Vetiver, Spikenard or Cistus/Labdanum essential oils. You can also anoint the chakras and apply them to the souls of your feet and top of the head.

  • Put a crystal next to the bed or under the pillow: obsidian, amethyst, smoky quartz, spirit quartz, or shamanic dream stone. 

  • Put a pen and a journal on your bedside table and record your visions and dreams immediately upon waking up.

Remember that you are the vessel of receiving messages and connecting the dots. Don't rely entirely on any "tools" for receiving them, including plant medicine, herbs, vibrational medicine, and even healers and practitioners. The received messages are gifts to you from the world of nature and spirits. How you process, integrate, and implement it in your life is entirely up to you! Please don't discard it or take it for granted. You are holding the key to transformation, and only you can decide to use it. 

P.S. IMPORTANT NOTE: please don't forget to cleanse your crystals after each ritual or each morning after dream working to make sure they don't carry any negative energies and function their best.