- Luther Burbank

The essential is invisible to the eye.

~ St. Exupèry, The Little Prince

What Makes Our Flower Essences Unique?

Maitri Verde's Flowers Essences are very strong and potent, because they come directly from the tropical rainforest of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, a Latin American Blue Zone.

The 80-mile peninsula just south of the Nicaraguan border isn’t that far from the U.S. geographically, but it is worlds ahead in longevity. 

Energy matters. All flowers came only from the healthy, thriving plants that grew wildly in the protected wildlife reserve or in my eco-friendly organic garden located near the village of Montezuma. Only the amounts needed were taken.

Flowers were taken with permission and under request of said specimen, after a special ritual. Maitri Verde practices Intuitive Plant Communication and Earth Medicine which allow to tune-in into the flower's energy at the time of preparation and later, when selecting flower essences for clients or making a blend.

Water & Shungite

Nicoyan water has the country’s highest calcium content, perhaps explaining the lower rates of heart disease, as well as stronger bones and fewer hip fractures.

We use natural spring water that was purified and infused with Shungite, a mineral which is known for its incredible healing and protection properties, and has the ability to clean water from almost all organic compounds including pesticides, bacteria and harmful microorganisms, heavy metals, chlorine, while enriching drinking water in potassium. This amazing stone the only known natural material that contain fullerenes, which are powerful anti-oxidants.

Beyond Preservation

At Maitri Verde we believe that "God is in the Detail". Instead of using traditional brandy, we preserve "mother" and essences with high quality cognac, adding its medicinal and vibrational properties to the potency of the flower essences.


Cognac is one of the finest drinks when it comes to your health. There is a reason it is also called “eau de vie” or “the live water.” For alcohol-sensitive people we have an option to preserve the "stock" bottle with vegetable glycerine.


of water


Beyond the precise attention to purification and preservation, the essences are brought to you with the prayerful permission of the featured flowers, taking into account Lunar and Planetary cycles, classic alchemical principles, sacred geometry, crystal and color therapy disciplines.


Every stock bottle is bottled by hand in the healing room, with intention and “mature” under the copper pyramid. Sometimes we make crystal grid around the flower essence or place it under the moon or sun, depending on the healing effect that is emphasized.


Every order is bottled individually and, if information is available, we fine-tune the essence to the energy of the client and his/her specific needs.

If you already found the flower essences that you want to work with, leave us a note at checkout and provide your name, problem or intention and we will complimentary fine-tune the chosen essence for you.